CONAN-RED SONJA #1, in Stores Now!


Today sees the arrival of CONAN-RED SONJA #1 in stores at last!

Getting the chance to write two of the biggest fantasy characters of all time has been an absolute dream come true. Getting to do it with such a skilled set of collaborators is sweeter still. I’m so grateful to everyone involved.

A deep and hearty thank you to editor Dave Marshall at Dark Horse for keeping the whole thing rolling and well organized through rain or shine. You’ve been a rock throughout the project and I deeply appreciate your support and hard work on this.

Thank you to co-writer Gail Simone for bringing me on board. Your instinct for dramatic storytelling and enthusiasm for our story enhanced every scene. I’ve learned a ton on this project and it’s been a real honor collaborating with you on this sweeping tale of steel and sorrow.

Thank you to Dan Panosian for delivering stunning line work that ranks right up there with the best our heroic Cimmerian and Hyrkanian have ever had. Old School Sword & Sorcery flows through your veins, bud.

Thank you to Dave Stewart for building mood and intensity with his colors on every page. You took Dan’s lines and made them even more powerful, always enhancing and never taking away.

Thank you to Comicraft for pulp fantasy-perfect lettering. These characters always ‘sound’ right with your confident dialogue placement and sound effects.

All of us on the team worked hard to deliver a strong first chapter to this epic, something worthy of the legacy of these incredible characters. I hope you give it a read and enjoy the ride. As always, your support of my work makes this all possible and I’m so very thankful.

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