Con Season Schedule – Part One

Hey Gang,

Convention season starts early this year. I think it’s starting earlier each year, actually. Here’s the first few shows I’m confirmed to be attending:

Toronto Comicon Fan Appreciation – April 23rd – Toronto Convention Centre
Toronto Paradise Comicon – April 28-30 – National Trade Center, CNE
Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo – May 7th – Big Four Building

This is my first time back to Calgary since I moved away to Halifax back in 2002. I can’t believe it’s been four years since then. If you worked with me, were taught by me, LARPed with me, hung out with me – it would be nice to see you. I’m going to try and come into town a couple days before the comic show, so ideally there can be some sort of pub get-together kind of thing. I’ll also post a list of comics and RPG books I’ve worked on if you want to bring something by the comic show to be signed. Omar Dogan’s coming along too, so I’ll post a list for him as well. Free Comic Book Day is the day before the show, so we may also be at a comic book store on Saturday for a signing – not sure yet. More info as soon as I know.

E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo – May 9-12 – Los Angeles Convention Center

Heading straight from Calgary to LA with no time to spare, Udon has some meetings set up for the big video game show. I’ve never attended E3 before, so this should be quite the eye opener. I’m hoping to branch out our contacts, do some schmoozing and have some fun. If you’re going to be at E3 or live damn close and love to karaoke, let me know 🙂

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