Bravomation Voice Recording!

Over the weekend I flew to Los Angeles to supervise voice recording on the upcoming Bravoman cartoon shorts being developed by Bandai-Namco based on the awesome comic strip written by Matt Moylan and drawn by Dax Gordine from UDON as part of Bandai-Namco’s ShiftyLook web initiative.

It was a whirlwind 2 day trip but, even with the tight schedule and long hours, the voice recording went incredibly well. I can’t wait until next year when animation is all done and we can show off everyone’s hard work on the project.

Voice acting legend Rob Paulsen is the voice of both Bravoman and Alpha Man, with equally legendary Dee Bradley Baker as the voice of Dr. Bomb, Anti-Bravoman, our Narrator and Attack Bomber V-9 and Romi Dames as the killer-cute voice of Waya Hime. Adding to that mix is the Bravoman theme song created by Randy Rogel, Emmy award winning composer of Animanics and Batman the Animated Series.

Working with such incredibly skilled voice actors was an absolute blast. All of them were hilarious and fun while hitting their marks and delivering wonderful performances. As excited as Matt and I have been working on scripts for the short cartoons, hearing them act out the roles and knock it out of the park has really taken things to the next level.

I didn’t get many chances to snap photos as we rocked out a 10 hour session plowing through all the voice recording, but here are a few snaps:

Our crew plugging away at the sound studio.

Rob Paulsen thinks we’re doing a good job.

A quick photo with Romi before she heads out after a successful recording session.

Dee’s method acting a giant killer robot here.

A bit blurry, but here’s our gang at the end of the day. From left to right: Me, Rob (Bravoman’s voice), Rob (Namco-Bandai VP), Ash (ShiftyLook Manager), Matt Moylan (Bravoman Writer).

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