Well, here we go… roller coaster is fully engaged and no turning back. If you’ve ever given a good golly damn about me, please spread the word through your websites, blogs, e-mails to friends, media contacts or word-of-mouth. I need pure web traffic eyeballs on my website to make this all zing together.

The Makeshift Miracle archives are now completely FREE. No subscription, no micropayments.

I’m banking on the fact that people will like the story enough to want to support it rather than keeping it under lock and key. If you’ve never had a chance to read the entire story, now is your chance. I urge you to read the original version of the pages there. The printed version coming in November has spiffy remastered artwork and lettering, but the story is the exact same.

On that important note, the Makeshift Miracle book is now available for preorder through your local comic book retailer or directly from me:

If I can sell 350 or more pre-orders of the book through my website, the whole thing will click financially for the print and advertising costs, regardless of the comic book store order numbers. That’s my current hope and goal – I’ll keep you all updated as orders begin to come in.

I hope you enjoy the story enough to consider ordering it.

If you’re going to get a copy from your local retailer, please have them set one aside for you. Many comic book stores are lax in stocking independant graphic novels, so it’s very important to let them know that they should carry the book and you would like a copy put aside for you. Stores are currently preparing their November orders, so these next few weeks are the crucial time to let them know you’re interested. Unless re-orders are quite high, it’s doubtful the book will go into a 2nd printing, so don’t miss your chance.

If you have close ties with comic retailers in your area, I can mail you some postcards for the store that have the cover image, solicitation info and quotes from industry pros about the quality of the story. Send an e-mail to jimzub( at ) if you can help on that front. Same goes if you’re on the web and need a cover image or other samples.

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