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A quicker sketch for today’s post.

I don’t think I’ve drawn Batman since the summer that Tim Burton’s original Batman movie came out and everyone was obsessed with the Caped Crusader. Even though I loved the Batman Animated Series and was thrilled that comics had become more mainstream, I didn’t draw good ol’ Bats.

Anyways, this quickie falls somewhere between animated-looking and Frank Miller-ish in terms of proportions, especially with the blocky forearm tips and squared off bat symbol. I always liked the look of the black bat straight on the chest rather than in a yellow oval.

The Batarang looks a bit silly when he’s holding it like this, like he’s gonna shiv someone.

And here’s the rough sketch I use underneath:

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I think my digital inks on the final version are a bit too smooth and rounded. The rough sketch has an angular/jagged quality that seems more in character for Batman. Oh well. I’ll keep practising.

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