It seems a whole pile of web artists are sketching Batgirl and posting them in their Livejournals for no apparent reason… lots of fun pics though. Check my Friends list for several. Here’s my 15 minute doodley:

For some reason I like that her bat head points are bending at the top. 🙂

Okay, back to work for meeeee!

EDIT: Whoah, the Batgirl meme’s gone crazy… apparently there’s more than 300 Batgirl pics now and more coming! It’s created quite a bit of traffic on people’s LJ’s too. Looks like I’ve gained 10-20 new Friends watching my journal. Very cool. I wonder if this will morph into more sketch threads of superheroes. Heh.

For new people just coming here for the first time, my name’s Jim Zubkavich. I’m a project manager and illustrator at Udon, plugging away on various art stuff for comics, RPGs and video game stuff. When I’m not doing that stuff, I teach part time at Seneca College in their Classical Animation program. Before all that, I was a web comic guy who created a story called The Makeshift Miracle. That’s the quick intro.

Busy times. Thanks for coming by. I hope you add me to your LJ list and enjoy my work and rambling stories.

EDIT 2: Scanning over the massive Batgirl list can be very daunting. Some are awesome, some are little more than doodles done with the mouse, some are quite tasteless, some aren’t even drawings. It’s a very strange cross section of skills and methods. The whole thing’s become unwieldly in its strange rambling internet scope, which is too bad because people may miss some really cool ones.

Below are my current favorites, after looking at ALL the crazy entries so far:

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