Arriving in October – D&D: Nights of Endless Adventure!

Almost as soon as the first Dungeons & Dragons comic omnibus, called Days of Endless Adventure, arrived in stores, I had readers asking me if the later volumes of the series would also be collected in the same format.

This fall, the wait is over – D&D comic volume 4-6 (Evil at Baldur’s Gate, Infernal Tides, and Mindbreaker) will be collected in a second omnibus, called Nights of Endless Adventure!

Make sure you pre-order from your favorite comic shop or bookstore.

Dungeons & Dragons:
Nights of Endless Adventure Compendium

(collects Dungeons & Dragons vol. 4-6)

The Heroes of Baldur’s Gate, led by fan-favorite characters Minsc and Boo, risk life, limb, and dignity to protect the city they love. Whether fending off the devilish forces of Avernus, rooting out a takeover of the city’s elite by sinister mind flayers, or confronting their abundant personal problems, Minsc, Boo, Delina, Krydle, and the others never stop adventuring! Collects Evil at Baldur’s Gate, Infernal Tides, and Mindbreaker.
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