All-New Secret Skullkickers Reviews


Part four of our latest Skullkickers story arc arrived in stores last Wednesday. Here’s how critics have responded so far:

Newsarama: “8/10 What’s really impressive about the fourth part to this story arc is the way in which Zub is able to keep the humor fresh.”

Comics! The Blog: “It’s smart, it’s gorgeous and it’s the remedy to the frequent insistence on ‘dark and gritty’ stories because they’re the ‘serious’ ones. Skullkickers is the remedy for a lot of things.”

Comic Book Resources: “4/5 If you’re a fan of fantasy in any forms – movies, games, books, or even other comics – and you’re not reading Skullkickers, you should be.”

Read Comic Books: “8/10 The book often feels like a game of Dungeons & Dragons gone wrong, but the execution is so right.”

Comics Nexus: “This book is always a great deal of fun to read, and Zub and his crew continue to have a great time playing around with some comics conventions.”

Nerd Appeal: “Skullkickers is always the most fun I have reading a comic book each and every month!”

Page and Panel: “It’s quirky, witty and so easy to get into. And the art – the art is so fun and violent, but still very cool.”

eXpert Comics: “SKULLKICKERS #22 is pure fun and for anyone who enjoys a romp of high adventure delivered with generous side-order of snark, than this book (and the whole series) is a must read.”

Travelling Man: “Skullkickers is the most fun I’ve had reading fantasy in ages. It’s completely enthusiastic, cheerfully silly and constant, relentless fun.”

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