A Little Sore, A Little Tired

But overall… things are going pretty good. Haven’t been as productive on my own artwork as I have been in managing other people’s, but I should still be on target to hit my deadlines.

It’s quite the maelstrom lately managing all the artwork for the upcoming Exalted Card Game. So many pieces to pour through. Last week I had every Exalted RPG book laid out on the floor double checking what pieces we needed on the company FTP so that the artists would have enough reference to draw from.

February is going to whip by and then Gal and I will be in the new apartment. I can’t wait to get that all organized and build our place up bit by bit. Both of us can keep some odd hours and it’ll be more relaxed doing that in our own place.

I think we may have a housewarming sort of party once we settle in. Gala and I went to a nice dinner party at our friends Veronica and Joel’s a few weeks ago and that spurred the thought of us having one too down the road. A dinner party sounds really formal and adult. Next thing you know I’ll be wondering if my dishes match my dining room carpet or something. Hmm, we’ll have to liven it up then. A theme of some sort, or just good old alcohol.

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