Zubby Newsletter – April 18, 2003

A bit of the Halifax nightlife on Wednesday night left me tired and sore yesterday. Apparently I’m not used to staying up to the wee hours and dancing my face off. Apparently muscles that aren’t supposed to hurt can and I’m quite out of practice. Or maybe it’s just that magic switch that gets pulled once you cross 25.

Nonetheless, Gal, Martin and I hit a club here called The Marquis for some retro 80’s goodness. The music was fun, the crowd was crazy and we danced up a storm. I’m sure Def Leppard and Glass Tiger thought they were cool in 1986, but it’s all just fun and games now. I’m sure all the hip hop artists will be mocked equally in 10-12 years.

Nothing makes your voice go hoarse faster than trying to sing “Shot Through The Heart, and You’re Too Late” louder than the 3-foot tall speakers.

Walking outside after grabbing our coats, there was a light snowfall and my body actually steamed a bit. I haven’t done that since Jordie, Kevin and I went to raves in Calgary. It was fun working up an intense sweat and getting into the groove. I had no idea my body would go into revolt the next day because of it.

So it’s Friday and I feel human again. The move is creeping up slowly and I’m trying to keep a zen-like approach to the whole thing. With the way the moving companies work and all the students leaving university here, the end of April became the best time to go. It’s quick, it’s crazy, it’s for the best. The guys at the studio just found out that the next show’s been delayed again, so I have no regrets about not sticking around to wait for more work.

I was actually in Toronto last week for my Dad’s 60th birthday. My Mom and I had planned the surprise for months and even though I’m going to be in Toronto soon, the flight was already booked and I figured I could get some of the move stuff organized and get my family prepared for “The Return Of The Jimbo”.

My Dad was totally shocked when I showed up at the birthday party. He cried, which is always a shock. Well actually, he stood there dumbfounded for a second and then cried. We spent the day bugging him about his age and eating amazing home cooked food. It was amazing.

I had a nice visit, staying at my brother’s place for five days after that. His daughters are growing up very quickly and I was shocked to be able to carry on conversations with Jennifer. Even at 2 years old, she’s talking in full sentences and saying stuff I never, ever would have comprehended at that age. It’s odd and charming.

Talking with my family, it’s hard not to feel like I’m still a kid. My life revolves around comics, animation and video games. If I wasn’t actually making money doing it I’d be even more of a nerd, but luckily I am and probably will for the rest of my life. I don’t regret it, just the perception that my career and hobbies have attached to them. I talk about film composition, 3D animation or the theory behind sequential art (comics) and I can see family members nodding politely and looking for the nearest exit. In the end, it’s probably best to just show them the art I’m actually doing and leave it at that. It’s hard not to go into propaganda mode, preaching to the masses though.

I’ve been doing some freelance illustration for some smaller role-playing game companies. The money is okay, but not something I could live off of. Still, it’s a good way for me to get some extra exposure and make some valuable new contacts. As soon as the companies start advertising for the products, I’ll be able to post up the art and show everyone. Until then, I’ve gotta keep it under wraps.

Gal and I have decided to stay at my Aunt and Uncle’s place for the summer and test the waters there. Edith, Iain and Lisa are amazing people. I lived with them when I attended Humber. They think Gal’s a hoot and I’m hoping it all works out well. My Grandmother’s place has more space, but her access to the transit system is limited, so we’re gonna try doing the North York thing and see how that goes. In a worst case scenario, we just shift over to Richmond Hill in September. I’m pretty sure it’s going to work at Edith and Iain’s though. It’ll be a transition for all of us, that’s for sure.

Otherwise, art, writing and enjoying the city until I bid it farewell. Gal and I are gonna have one last visit to the Farmer’s Market this Saturday and next week we’ll start doing the good-bye thing with people we know around here. Gal’s last exam is Monday, so we should have a lot of free time after that point to organize our apartment beyond the chaos that it’s currently in.

Hope everyone’s doing well. My phone’s still working until the end of the month, so feel free to call.

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