Zubby Newsletter – March 27, 2003

As usual, time slips away far too quickly and I get caught up in everything. Sorry I didn’t get back to all of you quicker. It’s not very fair telling you that I’ve got a big announcement and then not delivering it on time.

I think I’m a nomad. I’m a crazy nomad who’s been traveling and searching all over the place for something that feels right. Teaching in Calgary felt right for a while, but that changed. Now, I’m on the search again.

After a bit of soul searching and copious discussions with Gala, we’ve decided that we’re going to move to Toronto so that I can attend Seneca College and take 3D Animation. The industry is changing and I don’t want to be caught behind the 8-ball as 2D is being pushed lower and becoming ludicrously obscure. Gal’s applied to the University of Toronto and York, and she’s crossing her fingers that she can get in. She’ll be working and schooling right along with me…it’s going to be crazy.

It was a hard decision, but now that the ball’s rolling, I’m very excited. Yes, I’m moving again, but the road ahead is looking like one hell of an adventure. Opportunities are presenting themselves and I feel good about the skills I’m going to grab hold of in the next year.

My family has been unbelievably supportive and I can’t believe how much they’ve been there for me while I get this all organized. My Grandmother and my Aunt and Uncle have offered for Gal and I to stay with them while I’m at school and in Toronto. Gal and I still have to decide which place will be more convenient for getting to school. Either one would be incredible and having a home base to move to and work from will relieve a lot of stress while we’re doing the school-thing.

So, the changes have already started. The move is slowly getting organized and our target at this point is the end of April/start of May. God, it’s already coming up so fast. Well, at least my time off won’t be boring.

Halifax has been a good experience for Gal and I. We’ve learned a lot about each other and taken on a better appreciation of why we’re together. I met some amazing people at Helix and improved my drawing skills substantially. It may not have been the long term stay we anticipated, but it was good nonetheless.

I’m sure a lot of you will have questions or comments. Feel free to e-mail me. Now that I’m off I will respond in short order.

It’s going to be fun reconnecting with people in Toronto. It’s going to be weird moving again and leaving people behind here in Halifax.

Well, now that’s out of the way, I’ll fill you in on other recent stuff. Martin, Gal and I went to karaoke last night at a run down bar called Bearly’s last night. We had an absolute blast. The bar has the strangest mixture of people on karaoke nights. Bikers, jocks, old hicks, drunks and of course, us. Weirder still, everyone had a lot of fun, singing and dancing with each other, no matter who you were. Martin and I tried our hand at Tennessee Ford’s Sixteen Tons, which was a disaster, but we recovered for a stirring rendition of Tom Jones’ Delilah. I wish my parents could have been there so that they could have danced to it (Delilah is one of their favorite songs). Everything from country to disco to reggae…it was an odd mix of song choices and styles. The whole surreal spectacle hit a fever pitch when one of the regulars belted out AC/DC as well as Brian Johnson ever has. Madness…it was quite memorable.

Otherwise, I’ve been drawing and writing quite heavily. Things are good, and they’re going to get even better.

If you’re in TO, look forward to me being in town this summer. In any case, I’ll have updated contact info when things change in about a month.

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