Zubby Newsletter – May 10, 1999

Well, most of the weekend was spent finishing our set up of the new office space. The new locale is nice because we’ve not only got a lot more room, but also a fridge, microwave and our old toaster oven. What that means is that I finally bought groceries and am getting back to a reasonably sane diet.

The reason why this newsletter is late is because we don’t have our internet connection up and running at the office just yet. I’m typing this on my break at school.

School is getting crazy. My first crop of students will be graduating at the end of the month and getting them ready is proving to be quite difficult. Of course, the equipment needed to put their work on video is fritzing at this crucial point and because the office is backed up with work, Nick has got me teaching all 5 days. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the teaching thing, but 10 hours a day of it for 5 days is uber-stressful.

I don’t think the students understand how important it is to really excel during this crunch time. I think they’re just coasting through it. Maybe I’m a little too bonkers when it comes to animation…but if this what they want to do for their career, now’s the time to prove it.

I can’t wait until my cousin’s wedding on June 12th. I’m booking my flight in the next day or two and I’m hoping to take at least a week off to visit friends and family around Toronto. It’s going to be hard getting around without a car. I was spoiled when Kandrix and I came for the Sheridan show and we had a rental.

All in all, I’m doing okay…I just need a little more sleep. And, it would help if it wasn’t snowing today. YES, IT’S SNOWING TODAY. But, knowing Calgary…it’ll be shorts weather tomorrow.

Until next week….

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