Zubby Newsletter – April 25, 1999

Finally, a relaxing weekend! All the preparation is finished and I’m ready for my business trip into Toronto/Oakville. I’ve got my new business cards all printed up and finished my laundry (trust me, it’s a tough haul).

We had our mighty company barbeque and although it started off scary, it went well. We had cheaped out and bought crappy charcoal briquettes that WOULD NOT LIGHT. If you can picture it, 12 guys all being macho gorillas and trying to start the fire…some waving paper plates to build the air up, others jamming wood and paper in and lighter fluid and matches, it was pretty bad. Then, Nick and Ken went out and got real briquettes while Donovan and I got the old ones to light up anyways.

Then, when the fire was started, Mieka almost blew us all up. She squirted a whole bunch of lighter fluid into the barbeque without looking and the flame shot up towards the nozzle of the bottle.

James and I blew out the flame before the “bomb” went off and after that Mieka was permanently off of cooking duty. We’re all calling her the little pyro now. It’s funny now, but at the time, I almost crapped myself.

Luckily, after that everything went amazing. Beautiful weather, great people and a celebration of the mind numbing hours we put into the company. Lots of hamburgers, hot dogs, Miami style ribs and lastly, toasted marshmallows. I think our new Computer Animator guy Ron wasn’t used to our antics, but we definitely had him laughing.

After I return from the Sheridan Open House I’ll be reorganizing my stuff at the new office and getting some “Jimbo” time to relax and get ready for the summer.

I’ve been on a HUGE kick for the Cardigans this week. The Cardigans did that hit Lovefool a couple years ago, but I like their other songs much better. I’ve got 3 of their albums: Emmerdale, First Band on the Moon and Gran Turismo and they are all excellent. I have a hard time listening to albums all the way through, but the Cardigans kick butt.

This week has mainly been too busy for reading. I’m planning on going to some comic book stores in Toronto with Ken, so maybe I’ll pick up something cool there.

I saw a hideous piece of animation known as the Hercules and Xena animated movie. It’s depressing seeing something this bad get funding and staff getting paid for producing crap. Oh well…the song the villains sing is hilarious, but not because it’s intended that way.

Next week I have some very big news that I can’t talk about right now. I hope people’s minds don’t wander about this too much. I’ll let you all know as soon as I can, but at this point it’s still hush-hush.

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