The semester is all wrapped up at Seneca and, I have to admit, I’m feeling pretty worn out this time around. Juggling the teaching workload with everything else has been difficult, but there’s a real sense of accomplishment to it all and I’m glad it’s all still rolling forward, even when it can be tough to balance.

I’m not teaching the first half of the summer semester and, checking my calendar, it looks like pretty much every week of those two months is already booked up with our Honeymoon (finally!), UDON stuff, events, comic writing and conventions. I can already tell that the summer is going to roar by like some kind of elemental gale.

I used to tell people I was “really busy”, but that terminology was compared to a “normal” schedule. With eight crazy years of UDON projects, seven of teaching and a full year of Skullkickers under my belt I think this now qualifies as “normal” instead of “busy”.

“How are you doing?”

“Y’ know, the usual.”

Am I satisfied? Not yet, I’m afraid.

I’d ideally like to use the momentum from Skullkickers to get more comic projects rolling – different things that show my flexibility as a writer. I have the germs of a few stories I’m pumped to see move forward if I can find the right art team for the task – a young adult adventure story, a cerebral horror tale, a sarcastically violent black-humour yarn. All kinds of ideas I want to develop at some point. It feels like a robust time creatively.

I’m excited to see how the summer goes.

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