I know this livejournal has become a Skullkickers depository over the past six months. Thank you, all of you, for understanding that I have to keep pounding the drum as this rolls in order to keep momentum and make sure the book settles in to a solid sales spot. As always, I deeply thank you for your support.

I also know the way comics work nowadays. More people than ever are “trade waiting”, not buying individual issues because the collected trade paperback is more convenient and a nicer overall package. I know there’s a substantial number of you who haven’t read a single issue of Skullkickers yet and I do understand. I have been in the same boat with other series. It’s cool.


On the second week of March I definitely need your support! The volume 1 trade paperback comes out March 9th and we’re looking for really strong sales to help send a clear sign to our publisher and the industry that this book has legs and is worthy.

To celebrate the book launch the ever-amazing crew at The Beguiling here in downtown Toronto are having a signing. Please RSVP the Facebook event if you haven’t already:

We’ve done everything we can to make this trade worthy of your purchase.

144 pages with high quality print and cover for the ridiculously low price of $9.99. It’s cheaper than most manga that are smaller and in black & white. It’s got art on par with any top tier superhero book. It’s a fun continuity-free adventure with sass and banter.

Also, it’s written by me. If you’re reading this blog or following me on Facebook hopefully that’s because you like me and/or my work. Assuming that’s the case, please give Skullkickers volume 1 a shot and let me know what you think. I hope to see you downtown on March 9th if you live in TO.


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