Zubby Newsletter – March 22, 2001

Good things are building. Even though the transit strike seems unending and the first day of Spring in Calgary is a winter storm, I don’t care. It may not be Spring in the sky, but Spring is arriving inside me anyways. Emerging from a frosty hibernation, I’m excited about the Summer months to come.

The weekend that past was very unexpected. St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t a typical drinking blitzkrieg and madness as in previous years. I was completely sober and decided to go dancing instead. It didn’t go the way I had planned, but looking back on it, it wasn’t all bad.

I pick up the keys to my new place on Monday. My next Newsletter should have the new address and phone number attached to it. Calling me on the phone currently isn’t an option (so if you’re wondering why I haven’t called, that’s why). My roommate has cancelled our line and now I have no phone access until I get settled into the new place. He’s not worried about it because he has a cell phone, while I lose out for a couple weeks.

Moving itself should be relatively simple. My new apartment is about 3 blocks from my current place. On Wednesday or Thursday next week, a bunch of the boys I work with are gonna come over, fill their cars and get all my stuff moved in a couple hours. From the look of things, it’ll be relatively painless. I only have two heavy pieces of furniture (a desk and the couch with a hide-a-bed), so the rest is just light stuff along with my boxes of books, movies and art supplies.

Otherwise, things are good. Quite good in fact. Time seems to be moving fast through the bad bits and slowing down for me to enjoy the best parts. As well, the weeks go quickly at work while the evenings and weekends ease along nicely. It’s some kind of Twilight Zone effect, but I can’t complain.

That’s the report for this week. Until next time…

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