Zubby Newsletter – January 19, 2001

A couple things to report…

Settling back into life in Calgary has been strange. Even with a new class and work responsibilities, it’s actually pretty quiet. Compared to the whirlwind holidays, it seems very odd indeed.

Socially, things picked up a little bit last weekend. Saturday was super lazy as I sat around watching movies all day and didn’t even get dressed until 5 in the afternoon. I was itching to get out, but after many phone calls, no one seemed to be around. Then Kevin, one of the instructors, gave me a ring and invited me out to a rave.

I’ve never been to a rave before and I had assumed that it was just a lot of dancing… which it was. This party started at 3am and went until 9, giving new definition to the term “after hours club”. I went quite tired and a bit nervous and ended up having a blast. It was quite honestly one of the best club experiences I’ve ever had. No attitude, just people having a lot of fun. I was thinking about going again this weekend, but don’t want it to become a crutch, so I figure I’ll go later in February instead.

The only downside to the experience was that I danced so much that my hair was destroyed by the time it wrapped up. A quick visit to the barber in Kensington and now I’m sporting a buzz. At least it’s easy to take care of now.

My new class is quiet, unlike the last group and these guys look really dedicated. The last set was fun, but they could get out of hand some times. Starting from the basics again is always weird, but fulfilling, too.

I’m looking at buying a digital camera, so I may start sending a small snapshot with each newsletter some time down the road. That should be fun.

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