Sometimes, just sometimes, work stuff flows really nicely.

One of our no-time-high-stress projects just got handed in. The client e-mailed me less than five minutes after I sent the files to rave at how amazing the artwork turned out. On a big project like this, that kind of feedback is a godsend. Whew

In other news, you must read this post by Shaenon Garrity. Not only is Shaenon a 110% awesome person, she’s also wonderfully perceptive and drills right to the core of male nerd ugliness. Read the comments too… some super sharp commentary in there.

Best comment:
I’ve seen this before in “How do I get my girlfriend into sports?” and “How do I get my girlfriend into video games?”

Nobody ever seems to get the unifying answer to all “How do I get my girlfriend into…” threads and that’s stop thinking of your hobby as a gendered thing and start thinking of it as something you like because it fits your particular entertainment needs. It’s not “girls like this…,” it’s “you might like this because you enjoy mysteries/strategy games/true crime/international competitions…”

That totally hits the nail on the head. You can’t hook people on comics/video games/RPGs or any other nerdy pursuit just by showing them what you like. Understand their entertainment needs and cater appropriately. If you asked my Dad if he was a video gamer, he’d say “No”… but he loves Bookworm because it’s very similar to Scrabble, one of his favorite board games. It’s not about what I like, it’s what entertains him. Understand that and you can hook anyone on geekly pursuits.

Also understand that the pendulum swings both ways. Are you ready to take up all of your significant other’s hobbies? If not, why not? Why do they have to dig in to all your nerdy past times?

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