Things are almost calm now. The semester marks are handed in for Seneca, projects are pretty much wrapped up for the year at Udon (after a crazy push last week), almost all the X-Mas social gatherings I committed to have happened and my holiday shopping is practically done.


I’ll post my thoughts on the year just before the month’s end. It’s been a memorable one, that’s for sure.

While I was doing some Christmas shopping today I saw that Metal Slug Anthology had finally arrived in stores. I caved instantly… the game is absolute shooter glee. Glee, I say. 7 Metal Slug games ported pixel for pixel to the Wii all on one beautiful disc.

Tomorrow afternoon a pile of the students and some of the instructors are meeting up for a sketching session and I should be there. It’ll be nice to see the crew out of their classroom confines and well rested for a change.

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