Zubby Newsletter – October 15, 2000

It would be easy for me to blame my strange week on Friday the 13th, the full moon and any other astrological strangeness. I’ll just chock those up to contributing factors in the grand scheme of things.

I broke up with Tanya on Wednesday. We discussed our future and what comes next over dinner. Somewhere in there, it just didn’t seem to be gelling. Over Thanksgiving weekend, we’d both thought about breaking up because of the strains I’ve been putting on things. Wednesday night just sort of put the paths in perspective and I chose this one.

Even though we had thought about breaking up before, it shocked her quite a bit. It shocked me that I was able to say it, too. There are those moments where everything hangs on a couple of words. When I told her we’d call it off for now, there was a moment of silence and it hung there forever. Walking home after that seemed completely surreal.

She asked me if we’d stay friends and I said “Yes”. I’m hoping that’s truly the case. I don’t want it to be one of those things you just say in order to get out of the moment. I’m scared of us fighting or acting bizarre when we see each other again. I know it’ll be awkward at first, but I hope it works out okay. I don’t know whether we’ll get back together or not…it’s not something you can predict anyways. I’m going to see how the next week or two goes and play it by ear. This is either an important step for me to see if I want to head into that stage of my life or it’s the key to returning to square one and not worrying about the relationship thing.

Needless to say, the weekend was all about me relaxing. Instead, it was busy as hell, but sort of fun. Friday night I had a staff meeting that ran until 9pm. After that, a few of the instructors and I headed out for a pint. Once I got home, I did a bit of bar hopping and then crashed out.

Saturday night ended up being 4 different commitments that I’d made that I needed to visit within 5 hours. That was fun, jumping from location to location with little time to get bored. Walking down 17th, the sky was lit up by the full moon and it seemed pretty magical. When the whirlwind tour was all finished, I was exhausted and stricken with a case of the munchies. Cooking food at 3am is always good for a laugh.

Now it’s Sunday. In theory, today’s the day to relax. I guess I’ll wait and see what curve balls come my way.

The adventure continues…

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