Zubby Newsletter – October 9, 2000

A quiet long weekend gave me a lot of time to organize my thoughts. My girlfriend went home for Thanksgiving and my roommate was gone as well. It was strange having the place so completely to myself. Although I got twinges of loneliness, for the most part it was a good thing. I needed a “time-out” lately to just relax and not worry about the little things.

Strangely enough, with no schedule, I found myself staying up later and waking up sooner than usual. Knowing my luck, getting up for work tomorrow won’t be half as easy though.

Although no one was around here, I phoned a lot of people back in Toronto. It was nice touching base with people and seeing how they were. Talking to Chris, Heather, Julie and Cornflake made the weekend extra nostalgic. Not depressingly nostalgic or anything like that, just more appreciative of residence time. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that all took place 5 years ago. Then I start looking at all the other events and I feel like it should be 10 🙂

I went wandering on Sunday and ended up a local comic convention seeing Cary Nord there. Cary’s a comic book artist I met last year when I was at Aurenya. It looks like he’s moving somewhat nearby, so we may start hanging out more. His current work for Marvel is way better than the stuff he was producing last year. It was inspiring to see.

A new pub called Kilberry’s opened up about a block from place. Even better, three of the staff used to work at my favorite pub down at Eau Claire. Needless to say, I have a decent hang out spot nice and close by. In Toronto, I had several places to frequent and it’s nice finally having one here. I went there last night with my sketchbook and nursed a pint while I doodled. It was nice. I wasn’t being particularly social, but it felt better than just being cooped up at home.

The weather’s been fluctuating between bitterly cold and quite warm. I wear a sweater everywhere, but usually have to strip to a T-Shirt soon after. The mixture of frost and autumn leaves makes for an interesting look first thing in the morning.

I’m not quite sure what my family is doing for Thanksgiving. I tried calling a couple of them but there was no answer. I can’t remember if they said they were going to my parent’s cottage or not. I haven’t been to the cottage in several years. I guess I’ll find out everything later in the week.

I guess I’ll wrap up this one for now. I hope everybody has an incredible Thanksgiving. Toast a drink and have some pumpkin pie for me if you get the chance.

Love you all,

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