Amazing conversation yesterday with Ray and Stacy about nostalgia. We did talk about our past and our experiences, but most of it was about nostalgia itself – the act of remembering the past with your current knowledge and wisdom tacked along with it. How we view those experiences and what we see in hindsight from them. Although I’m almost always the blabbermouth in conversations, I knew this was a damn engrossing talk because I didn’t feel my typical kneejerk desire to overwhelm things with my own words. Good talk and solid inspiration = good friends, simple as that.

This weekend I’ve been apartment productive and geeky at the same time. Beyond cleaning and laundry stuff I also rearranged my living room so there’s more space to move in front of the TV in preparation for the arrival of the Nintendo Wii next weekend. That should be quite fun indeed. If all goes as planned I’ll be getting the system, a swack of extra controllers and games and then having a few people over to jump around and have fun. Like the DS, the Wii seems built around social video gaming, which is right up my alley lately.

Otherwise, I updated my deviantart page and am working away as usual.

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