Zubby Newsletter – August 29, 2000

The weather has turned quite cold. It seems Alberta dumps summertime the moment that September is upon us. Waking up in the morning, I get greeted by frost-tinged windows and my breath appearing in front of me. I’m not impressed.

Tanya’s back from Victoria and ready to slip into her full-time position. She used to be on contract at Talisman, which meant every 4 or 5 months she’d start biting her nails over whether or not the contract would be renewed. With that taken care of, she can concentrate on other things, like her University night courses. It means we’ll be seeing less of each other, but I think it’ll work out okay. After all, how much of me can people actually take?

I bought Stand By Me on DVD. that movie kicks ass. Even though it’s set in the 50’s, all of the themes and characters echo with anyone of any generation. I get choked up at the end when Gordie’s grown up and his best friend has died. It reminds me how important it is to keep ties with all of you. Even if it’s just a little e-mail every week or two, at least it’s something. It’s easy to completely lose touch with people and let them fade out of your life.

On a less somber note, watching Stand By Me also got me on a downloading spree of 50’s and 60’s tunes. My relatives should be all pleased when I come home for Christmas with some mix CDs of old hits. I could DJ quite the malt shop 🙂

I also picked up a Wacom digital drawing tablet for my computer. It’s a pen and tablet that you can draw on the computer. It’s a heck of a lot more intuitive than a mouse, but I’m still getting used to it. It’s strange drawing in one spot and seeing the result up on the screen. With a bit of luck, I’ll be churning out masterpieces with it soon. If not, it’s the most expensive mouse pad out there 🙂

Heading into fall means I’ve got a new class starting up. I’m excited more than any other time. This time I’ve got the curriculum all done up and reorganized. The schedule is set up and I have all my reference material and hand outs ready to go. It relieves a lot of the stress of starting up. Every class has a different dynamic and the more time I can spend figuring that out instead of the day-to-day scheduling, the better.

With the long weekend coming up, I’ve actually got no plans. It’ll probably just be a relaxing break before I plow into the fall semester. Of course, the best laid plans never work, so we’ll see…

I’m getting used to wearing the glasses again. It’s nice having a light and stylish pair instead of the old monsters I wore in school. I used to be so paranoid that glasses made me look like a horrible nerd (little did I realize that was just my personality) and I’ve even gotten compliments that the glasses make me look better. Intellectual, stylish, blah, blah, blah… it’s just nice having the option of contact lenses or glasses.

So, I’ll just wrap this up with a little bit of cheesy happy stuff. Feel free to call me in the evenings. Remember that if you’re in Ontario, then you’re two hours ahead of Calgary time. Phone, leave a message and I’ll call back as soon as I can. Email is good, but voices are better…and of course at Christmas, the real thing is better still.

Take care,

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