Zubby Newsletter – August 20, 2000

It was quite the crazy week and a half.

Last Thursday I saw Sarah Taylor, a good friend of mine from back east. I had missed seeing her at Christmas. She was traveling through town on her way to visit family in BC and it was amazing that we were able to hook up for dinner. It’s been a year since we last saw each other and obviously, tons of things have changed. It was comforting and strange at the same time, but very cool overall.

Then last Friday, I severely pulled a bunch of muscles in my back. It was probably one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced. Worst of all, there was no real dramatic reason. I was just jogging home from Tanya’s and then I was in massive pain. I limped home, and then it got worse.

At one point on Friday I was actually inching across the floor so I could get to a phone and call for help. Every breath or movement had me in agony. I know that sounds oh-so Zubby dramatic, but that’s literally what happened. I was living that horrible commercial where the woman yells “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

Getting my friend and co-worker Graeme to take me to Emergency was fun, too. He Fireman-style carried me out the door, while I screamed in pain.

There’s nothing quite like waiting for 3 and a half hours before a doctor looks at you with all seriousness and says “Hey, you really messed your back up!” They go to school 8 years to learn that! Then, he asks me to put on a hospital gown…udder stupidity.

Being literally paralyzed for the better part of the weekend was excruciating and scary. It scrapped last weekend and half of my week as I lied around zoned out on painkillers. Needless to say, the week left little to report. Regaining full mobility by this weekend was a blessing.

Everyone I talked to after I recovered had extreme opinions on Chiropractors. Some said they were a blessing and that they totally fix you up. Others considered them quacks, pseudo-medicine and devil spawn. No one was really neutral about them…strange stuff.

I went and saw The Cell on Friday…it was total garbage…music video editing put to a serial killer story that makes no sense. Jennifer Lopez’s acting is as deep as a pizza pan (thanks, Jord 🙂 Even the most serious parts had me laughing out loud. The mental battle that was more like a Xena fight scene, the BS Hollywood psychology, the inane dialogue… Please save your money and avoid it like the plague.

However, I did rent a documentary called Trekkies that had me howling. If you’ve ever felt weird or out of place, have no fear, the maniac Star Trek fans they have in this documentary will make you feel normal and they aren’t as depressingly sick as a Jerry Springer episode. Well worth the price of admission, and I even hate Star Trek in the first place.

Last night, Jordie and I hung out at the Roxbury (a mid to high class bar and club). I didn’t realize that they had a comedy night on Sundays. That reminded me of how I wanted to try amateur night at Yuk Yuks last year. Every so often, I get that itch and I want to see if my old “gift of gab” (as my Uncle Iain calls it) would hold up in front of an audience. It’s one thing to present to students or socialize with friends, but making an audience of strangers laugh could be amazing, or totally mortifying.

Otherwise, things are pretty quiet. Tanya’s in Victoria visiting her family and Jean (my roommate) has been away on business trips. I’m just lazing around, reading and drawing.

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me about the C-Train incident. I appreciate the support.

Until next week,

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