Zubby Newsletter – March 27, 1999

This week’s gone well and although the work schedule’s always crazy… we managed to pull together a little outing that will make up most of this newsletter.

We pulled together the entire staff and went to see the new animated King and I movie on Tuesday night.

Let me describe this for you. The late show on a Tuesday night in Calgary for a kid’s movie is perfect. Our staff of 20 were the ONLY people in the theatre. That means that all hell broke loose and we screamed, publicly critiqued, and had straw fights until the movie ended. It was amazing.

The King and I was EASILY the WORST animated feature I have ever seen, but the company being there and the commentary we made kept the film fun. If you want to feel good about your skills as an animator, even if you’ve never drawn a picture before in your life, check this flick out. ANYBODY can make a better movie than this.

The computer graphics were laughable and the dialogue was disturbing. I found out that the director of The King and I was the same man who brought us Disney’s The Black Cauldron. That would make sense.

After it was all over we took a huge group photo of our staff in front of the cheesy cardboard display for the movie. When it gets processed, I’ll post the photo up at my website.

In other news, Nick and I are pulling together a series of night courses to offer students starting in June. So, we’ve been crunching curriculum material and organizing the projects we’ll be giving to the students.

I’ll be revamping the personal art section of my website with loads of new stuff. I haven’t had a chance to really concentrate on getting that updated, but I will soon.

As we head in to April, I realize I’ve been in Calgary for almost a year now. It’s hard to believe the time has gone by so fast. So many things are going on here and I wonder where the time went. I’ve been so busy, I still don’t know the city very well and if somebody dropped me off in a random part of the city, I’d be lost for sure.

Until next week…

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