Zubby Newsletter – March 20, 1999

This newsletter of sorts is something that has sort of cropped up as a necessity. I’ve been getting more and more e-mails from my friends and family stating that I’ve been really bad for staying in touch with people. I truly regret not being able to respond promptly to e-mails that I get or let people know how I’m doing. So… to make a long story short, this may seem impersonal, but at least people will know how I am and what’s going on in my life on a weekly basis without feeling like I’m totally ignoring them.
I hope that if you’re on this list of people which I’m sending this e-mail to, that you want to know what’s new with me and that you don’t mind getting a slightly generic view of the whole thing. I’ve been getting over 40 e-mails a day between work and personal stuff and it’s getting to be way too much to juggle without something like this. I hope you understand.

If you know of anyone else who would want to be on this list, or if you just want me to leave you alone and don’t want to receive this weekly update, just let me know.

So, without further ado… let’s see how this goes.

ZUBBY NEWSLETTER March 20th, 1999

This week’s been a blur of work and craziness.

Aurenya has been progressing well and morale at the studio is at an all time high. We’re getting geared up for the Sheridan Open House at the end of the month. It’s going to be great to see friends there and see what the students have produced in their third year.

The teaching gig continues without a hitch and it’s a real confidence booster seeing what the students are able to produce in our classroom. Even though the training that they’ve received is limited compared to the 3 year Sheridan program, their work is very high quality and I’m proud of what they’re capable of. We’re organizing a possible intern program with the students and it’s got the whole studio excited.

I’m setting up a possible comic book contract with a small independent publisher. He checked out my artwork and was really impressed with the quality of my work. It looks like I’ll be doing a 4 page back story in his comic. It’s a great experience and I’d really like to get published. I’ll let all of you know when I have the details.

St. Patrick’s Day was a much needed rest and I definitely celebrated the Irish holiday in the proper tradition. I met up with my friend Jordie at an Irish pub called Kaeli’s and danced and imbibed. It went well… Strongbow was on tap and I was quite pleased.

Between all the upcoming work and my cousin’s wedding in June, the next few months are going to just keep getting interesting. I really want to organize another trip to Banff for the staff here at Aurenya. I think with our current schedule, we’ll need the break.

So, brief but to the point. I hope this helps me start staying in touch better. Until next time…

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