I’m at the college today struggling to keep my brain pulled together while suffering from jetlag. Good times.

My last full day in Japan went well, with meetings at Capcom and more shopping taking up a good chunk of the time. Workwise Udon has all kinds of incredible projects looming on the horizon. I’ve learned not to get too excited until contracts come in and the real work begins, but even if only some of the potential things discussed materialize, it should still be pretty cool.

The flight home was good in some ways and awful in others. The flight from Tokyo left an hour and a half late due to weather, but was relaxing once we got into the air. The problem came when we arrived at O’Hare airport in Chicago for my connecting flight. I received conflicting information about my connecting flight that had me scrambling to get to my gate at a different terminal. When switching terminals at O’Hare you have to re-go through the security checks, which made it even more stressful. Literally sprinting from the security checkpoint after the guard had picked through my tightly packed luggage and I was finally cleared, I left my new camera behind in the midst of the cxhaotic shuffle. Realizing it was gone after we’d taken off, it put a slightly sour note on the end of my trip. I’ve left messages at the airport Lost and Found, so here’s hoping I can get it back. Luckily I only lost my last day’s worth of photos since the rest were backed up on my laptop.

Unpacking some last night, I realized that I actually didn’t buy too much for myself. Between the shopping lists some friends gave me and gifts for folks, I’d say about 75% of what I bought wasn’t for me even though I was loaded down with luggage. It wasn’t a depressing realization mind you, it was sort of good. My nerdy collection continues to grow, but isn’t quite as Little Shop of Horrors-esque as it used to be (“Feed me, Seymour. Feed me!”).

Today I’ll do my best to muscle through things and stay awake, then I head to Oakville for my painting class. By the time I get home tonight I should be thoroughly exhausted.

More Japanese odds and ends soon.

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