Frank and Meg are down in Toronto. Frank’s got work stuff here but he decided to rent a car instead of flying so Meg could come too and see more of the city. Saturday we drank and partyed with friends. Yesterday we wandered downtown and I showed them around Bloor & Bathurst, Chinatown, Kensington Market and Queen West. It was a good weekend, though a bit exhausting.

More preparations before my trip. It’s starting to feel real and I think I’m getting pre-trip anxiety. I need to make up a list of things to take so I don’t get wigged out and forget anything. I need to keep that anxiety from invading other things going on around me.

I’m feeling extra-sensitive about book-related stuff these past few days as well. Several people saying one thing and doing another making me feel paranoid. That’s the big difference between this and commercial projects – in all ways good and bad, it’s personal.

Hmm, just general heightened anxiety from the looks of it. Not good.

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