– I went down to Clarence Square Park last night to watch people spin fire. Little did I realize that I’d be tricked into trying it myself. Spinning a pole with two blazing ends is a weird feeling. You can hear the whooshing of the fire sweep by you as you whirl it in a pattern- adrenalin keeping your senses sharp. It was pretty darn cool. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera to get any pictures of my courageous little stunt. If I go again I’ll be sure to get photographic evidence.

– Makeshift’s been getting a boost this week with press about the book:

Starslip Crisis
Gail Simone’s blog
Mal’s Blog
Eric Kim’s Inkskratch
CBR’s Pipeline
The Wired Blog

Thanks everyone. More links as I find them.

– Finally, a little homage to my own stuff. Back when Makeshift first started I sent Scott Kurtz a piece of fan art hoping he’d link up to my web comic and increase my traffic. Finding the old pic while I was digging through folders, I thought it would be neat to do it up again with a lot more effort and the skills I’ve learned since then. Here’s the result:



The Gameboy Advanced gives way to the DS Lite, but the overall effect is the same. 🙂

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