Busy times and all sorts of things on the go.

I went and saw the Korean monster flick The Host on Friday at midnight as part of the Toronto Film Festival. It was kooky and strange, with ridiculous plot points and twisted logic, but also oddly entertaining even when you were scratching your head wondering why the story had taken certain turns. Afterwards, Kean and Nadine came by to play Guitar Hero and drink Crown Royal… until sunrise. That kind of threw off my sleep schedule for the remainder of the weekend, but it was good fun.

I’ve signed up for a digital painting course that’s running on Thursday nights at Sheridan. I’ve heard great things about the class and am looking for more skills to add to my little digital toolkit brain. I really want to kick my quality up a notch next year and ideally this will be a boost towards that. I’ll let you all know how it goes and whether I recommend it. My boss at Seneca thinks I’m a nut trying to do a night course as well as life drawing once a week, manage projects, do artwork, get the book out, teach classes and coordinate the course at the college…. especially since I’m headed to Japan in just over a week.

*You read that again, especially the last part… wha- huh?*

Zub Tales – Japan Edition.

Yeah. It’s completely insane and doesn’t feel real.

Erik and I are going to the Tokyo Video Game Show next week. I’ll be gone from the 20th to the 27th. 4 days of business stuff with Capcom and other companies and then 3 days to wander and be a tourist. I’m going to take hordes of photos. I’m going to be overwhelmed and busy too. On the 14 hour flight over I’m going to be clacking away on my laptop doing edits on manga translations and writing PR text for an as-yet unannounced secret project Udon has coming up.

What else?

This week is a major PR blitz for the Makeshift Miracle site. I’m mustering all my contact power to get the link out there and hope people read it and/or pre-order the book. I received a jaw-droppingly nice quote from Gail Simone. It’s seriously amazing.

Finally, following up on my earlier post about Lea Hernandez’s house fire. Erik and I talked about it at length and Udon will be making a healthy donation to her Paypal account this evening to help get her and the family back on their feet. The comic community can be hard to gauge at times, but it’s nice seeing people stepping up to help a creator in need like this.

Whew… okay, a lot to take in from above. Tomorrow I’ll ramble about the 5th Anniversary of Makeshift Miracle and my recollections of September 11th.

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