Wednesday night I scewed up my sleep schedule again… blar.

I took a nap after I got home from the college, then woke up late at night and couldn’t sleep, so I worked like nuts on the book – I laid out the front and back cover, started on the credits page. I needed to take a break from remastering/relettering the main story as it was driving me buggy. Ever closer, but still not close enough to done.

Anyways, that meant Thursday I woke up early in a haze, napped mid-afternoon and then went deep into the night again. That’s put me on this weird split sleep schedule where I’m hungry or tired at weird intervals. It feels like there’s been 3-4 days already since Wednesday because of these long naps.

I have a ton of marking to do this weekend and a lot of organizing to do on college stuff next week. Right now I just want to have a lazy day, but I need to get enough done here to justify going out to Snakes on a Plane tonight with friends… hopefully people will be in the mood for drinks/dancing afterwards.

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