I feel a bit weird having missed Origins, Chicago Wizardworld and now Gen Con. Even weirder is since Dragon Con falls on the same weekend as the big Toronto Comic show I’ll be missing that as well. That means not partying with the White Wolf crew at all this year… that must be why my liver feels okay and I’m pretty much injury free. 🙂

I’m not even sure I missed the cons as much as just currently feel “odd” about not having attended. It would just be better to somehow take all the people I miss seeing at those shows and get them here for 2 days of drinking and partying instead… oh well.

My parents came by to visit today. I haven’t told them about the Makeshift Miracle book at all, which amuses me on some odd level. I figure it will be better to let them know closer to release or just surprise them with it. Since they have no internet they won’t even read this journal entry where I gloat about them not knowing, heh.

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