Fiddling with Photoshop I was actually able to get one of the extremely light gesture drawings I did last night to show up okay. Neato.

The Bad News: I’m going to miss Superman Returns opening day and the Origins gaming con.

The Good News: So… next week is the mid-semester break week at the college. I’ve got no pressing Udon deadlines and no classes to teach. Unbelievably, for the first time ever I’ve booked an honest-to-goodness vacation for myself. No business trip, no hassles, no stress.

I got an amazing deal on the trip to boot. My schedule is crazy flexible and I wasn’t worried about where exactly I went as long as it was good and all-inclusive. The travel agent was awesome and walked me through a bunch of potential destinations. Then, I went home and used Trip Advisor to get tons of unbiased reviews for each of the options available.

Last minute off season deal = unbelievable price.

I’m not bragging. I honestly hope it eggs on more of you flexible schedule art types to consider vacations of your own.

7 days in Jibacoa, Cuba at a nice all-inclusive resort. The flight, all the meals, all the booze, health coverage and all the taxes…

How much would you pay?

$675.00 canadian TOTAL!

It would cost me more just to buy a return flight across Canada, let alone the lodgings and food. Even with my spending money it’s about a grand. SO insane! If I hadn’t read such nice reviews and double-checked I would have assumed that price would mean I was heading to a shithole.

Anyways, so now you know. Next week I’ll be in Cuba, actually relaxing for a change.

uberroomie is coming along too. He had a bit of a hairy time getting his passport up to date, but it looks like it’s smoothed out now. This Saturday, we go to Cuba and cause chaos for an entire week. We arrive back on Canada Day.

I’m taking my digital camera and sketchbook, so I should have some good stuff to show when I return.

Zub Adventure GO! Wheeee!

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