It’s been just over a month since I made a commitment to generate more art for myself and get back in touch with my own creativity.

I’ve done digital mini paintings about every other day and attended one life drawing session per week.

Looking at it now, it was absolutely the right decision.

I feel better and am more excited about my art than I have been in years. I can see improvement in my work and the enthusiasm from it is spilling over into other parts of my life, both personal and professional.

Tying it all together, last night I updated my personal art site for the first time since November 2004:

I have some other artwork to still add to the site this week. Even still, I’m much more happy with the work there and the new material that’s been generated in the past month.

I’ve had long stretches where I felt like I could only administrate, manage or schmooze; that my artwork was worthless compared to other working professionals I know and that I wasn’t cut out for doing the actual art end of things. The latest stretch of creative doubt was probably the worst I’ve ever had since I first decided to become an artist for a living. Breaking free of that drought this past month has been absolutely amazing.

There will always be stronger artists and people with talent that blows me away. I know that. But for the first time in a long time I feel like I can hit a new plateau and do the kind of creative work that makes me happy. The critic and the creator inside me are actually working together instead of cancelling each other out.

Tonight’s another figure drawing session. More paintings are coming this week and development on my stories continues. I’m determined to have a kick ass creative summer.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and feedback. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

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