Up at Udon house in the middle of the night grabbing some checks and getting up to date on happenings before Anime North starts tomorrow.

The Onimusha: Night of Genesis manga is in and looks sharp. The book is larger and more detailed than the Japanese original, which is quite cool.

Anyways, while I’m puttering around the office waiting for Erik to finish scanning comic art for the crew, I notice another crazy thing he’s added to the collection. You see, Erik is a die-hard geek of epic proportions… his nerd collection is out of control. Thousands of comics, books, statues, games, dolls – you name it. It’s a mish-mash museum of anime and comic stuff.

But there before me was a new plateau for even him – Return of the Jedi shampoo. The bottles were actually shaped like the characters… in this case Wicket the Ewok and Jabba the Hutt.

These were still sealed, but back in the day you would’ve ripped off Wicket or Jabba’s head and poured their shampoo innards over your hair for some Star Wars-tainted cleanliness.

Zub: “Erik, you bought Star Wars fuckin’ shampoo.”

Erik: *laughs* “Collectable shampoo bottles. They’re hard to get you know.”

*Jim checks the date on them*

Zub: “Dude, you tracked down 23 year old Star Wars shampoo. What the fuck is WRONG with you?!”

Erik: “The Chewbacca one is in the bathroom cause it got damaged when we moved houses. Shampoo oozes from his neck.”

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