A mini painting of a cartoony Spider-Man. When I was a kid I thought Spidey’s black suit was extra-super-duper cool. It’s iconic, sleek and presents a challenge in terms of highlights and shadows. The suit just seemed way more appropriate for a character out in the night kicking butt.

I’ve done very few fan art images over the years. I think I worry that I’ll do a terrible job depicting characters I like so much. Hopefully this Spidey pic will spur me on to try some others.

Oh yeah, and an amusing dialogue snippet from Friday night:

Zub: …You know, like each hero’s Rogue’s Gallery. Spider-Man villains, Avengers villains, Iron Man villains, whatever.

Ray: Does Iron Man even have any specific villains?

Zub: Uh… the Mandarin.

Ray: That guy with the rings?

Zub: Yeah, him. I’m having trouble thinking of any more than that. Oh yeah, Crimson Dynamo. Hmm, any others?

Ray: Don’t forget his arch-nemesis – Johnnie Walker.

Zub: You win.

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