The latest One Step column about comic portfolios is up now. My original title for the piece was “Do It Yourself”, but Matt’s relabelled it “Weird Ways to Get Attention”, which is a bit of a misnomer. Creating your own comics and proving your passion for the medium isn’t a “weird” way at all but hey, that’s just me. As the editor he’s got final say on the article titles and all that jazz.

It’s May 1st. Holy crap it’s 5 months into 2006 already. How the heck did that happen?

The Paradise Toronto Comicon over the weekend was show-quiet/after-hours-crazy, as per the norm. It was nice seeing familiar faces and catching up with people. I think the staff of Strange Adventures, in particular, are so universally awesome that it defies description. If everyone retailing comics was like them and the crew at The Beguiling, comics would take over the universe.

In a related convention-esque note, whoever invented Soju is either a genius or a madman. Apparently that stuff is distilled liquid karaoke courage. Bon Jovi, Elton John, the Backstreet Boys and Axel Rose must have all felt the electric ripples of pure rock we sent their way. Chris “Kind of a Big Deal” Butcher knows how to throw a good little get together. And by “little”, I mean to say “20+ sweaty crazed drunks in a room filled to the brim with karaoke chaos”. I think we scared Jimmy Palmiotti and his friends right out of the building, all in record time.

My E3 plans are currently going through turbulence. My hotel booking seems to be buggered up, so if anyone knows anyone who has crash space or needs an extra person to make their room more affordable at the show, please let me know. I’m clean, somewhat entertaining and I bring a bounty of Street Fighter comic goodness. 🙂

More later.

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