A small part of a tattoo design I’m doing up for a friend:

I procrastinated on finishing it because I’ve been so busy. I think I also backburnered it because I’m intimidated at the thought of a person putting something I drew permanently on their skin. Tattoos can look so tacky when done badly and beautiful when done properly.

I finished the full design today after a few months of putting it off and making excuses. Hopefully they like it as much as I do.

I quite liked the fish part of it so I thought I’d share and also make an LJ icon out of it. Now you know.

More stuff later… thanks to all the people who commented on my Portfolio Gauntlet of Doom the other day.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot that my fifth comic portfolio building article went up at Newsarama. While you’re there also check out the other end of things in a brand new column by JMS about writing for comics.

So many things going on right now – it’s a bit dizzying.

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