Zubby Newsletter – November 1, 1999

Halloween’s over and I survived 🙂

Allow me to explain…

I pulled a muscle in my neck last week that left me quite immobile for Tuesday. The rest of the week was recovery and I thought my weekend would be a write off in pain. Luckily, I healed up really quick and by Friday, I was okay.

Friday night was frustrating. I went out to a pub with a couple of friends. It was a vicious circle. I got cut up all night by these guys because I never go out and don’t have a life. I was the target of the night. Of course, if they want me to go out more, this is NOT the way to do it.

Saturday I spent working on my drawing and writing. Quite a productive day actually. I also watched this old film I hadn’t seen since I was a kid called The Last Unicorn. Cheesy, but the nostalgia was nice. Now if only I could find The Flight of Dragons…that’s another nostalgic one for me.

Sunday was crazy. I didn’t have a Halloween costume and Aurenya was having a Glow in The Dark Bowling Halloween Party. Actually, it was a hell of a lot of fun. It didn’t hurt that I was quite drunk…

My costume was surprisingly good for a 10 minute wonder job. Roll up the jeans, white socks- black shoes, throw some pens in my pocket and wear my old glasses (with some tape in the middle) TAH DAH— UberGEEK! Don’t laugh, it worked! When we get the photos back I’ll post a couple.

So, drinking and bowling ensued and we all had a wild time. There were a few party poopers who didn’t dress up, but overall a success. I thought I might be in pain waking up this morning, but I was actually not too bad.

I can’t believe it’s November. Good God, time’s flying fast. I’ll be home for Christmas sooner than you know it. I should be booking my flight this week so I’ll let you know when I’m coming to town. There’s snow on the ground and it’s freaking cold here! Not pleased with that.

Anyways, I’ll keep you up to date as usual.

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