Zubby Newsletter – October 21, 1999

This will be frustrating.

I want to vent about something, but I can’t talk details, because that would be extremely unprofessional. I don’t want to get in trouble over this, but I NEED to vent.

Q: What would you do if your friend got a kick-ass opportunity that you would have loved? An opportunity that you’ve been busting your butt for (they haven’t lately), but they got instead?

A: Simple, you have to swallow your pride and be happy for them. You act cool and don’t let it wig you out.

Q: What would you do if you saw them screwing up this opportunity and you know that you wouldn’t have screwed it up?

A: You try to ignore it and plow ahead with your own thing.

See, I know the answers, I’m just having a tough time carrying them out. I don’t want to get into trouble. I don’t want to seem like the bitter friend, but I’m really frustrated about it and I wish it wasn’t going this way.

This friend has always had trouble making deadlines and I know that even if he makes this one, he should have worked so much harder on it and created a kick butt opening for himself. He’s not, he doesn’t seem to be worried by it and I’m ripping out my hair.

I went a little over the line and asked him if he’d mind if I did part of the work on my own just for my own practice. Just so I’d get a feel for the type of work. He said:

THE REALITY: “You have to decide for yourself if that’s a jealous action. I can’t tell you if it is.”

MY TRANSLATION: “You are a jealous man who’s trying to horn in on my opportunity. I will leave the decision up to you. This will make you feel guilty and maybe you’ll piss off.”

Ouch…Now I’m just trying to avoid the whole thing. It’s kind of hard, because I see him every day and I don’t want the subject to come up. The good thing is I don’t have to worry about running in to him while he works on it, because HE NEVER SEEMS TO BE WORKING ON IT.


I’d have (figuratively speaking) bitten off my left arm for this opportunity and he’s so ho-hum about it.

I guess I’m feeling a little better. Thanks for listening…

My drawing is going well. The every day regiment is working well…I wish I would have done this sooner (Omar, before you e-mail me saying that you tried to get me drawing every day…I know, I know…sorry)

I actually was supposed to go see Fight Club on Tuesday but got into a good groove drawing and didn’t go. Kind of cool.

The nice thing about my personal projects is the Unanimous Council of Jim- If I like it, it stays, if I don’t, it goes…I know most work isn’t like that, but having that for my own stuff helps. Besides, I’m my own worst critic anyways.

Slowly working on an overhaul of my personal website. New artwork, better interface, etc, etc.

The site hasn’t been updated in a while. The photo seems weird actually. I gave up on the longish hair thing and got my hair hacked short again. I did it because it was easy to take care of, but I actually like the way it looks right now. A lot. I may leave it like this for a while.

So, another week goes by…we’ll see how Halloween is gearing up next week. Later.

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