My boss Erik was married yesterday. A really nice ceremony in the morning, a traditional Chinese tea ceremony in the afternoon and a reception/banquet at night all served to make Sunday a busy, busy day. After the massive dinner and things died down around 11:30pm or so, a pile of the Udon kids dashed out to a Chinese karaoke place to keep partying until 3am or so. I learned a bunch of new drinking games, ate really spicy food I’d never had before and pasted off a bottle of red wine and shots of vodka. I guess my body is getting ready for con season 🙂

Tonight Gal was hankering for some Gatorade and when the variety store within walking distance didn’t have any we drove to one a few minutes away. I walk over the fridges there and all of a sudden I see that they’re selling pop from The Pop Shoppe.

Holy shit! The Pop Shoppe! Memories flood back growing up and my Dad taking us to the Pop Shoppe store in Oshawa to refill our bottles and pick out the cool flavors. Red crates of Pop Shoppe pop in our basement staying cold beside the old freezer. Unbelieveable.

I bought two bottles just to have them. Next time I see Dad I’ll give him one and he’ll be super surprised. Kind of a neat day-after-Father’s-Day memory out of the blue.

Heh. Groggy day, but a good one and relatively productive. Heading to bed early. G’Night.

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