Zubby Newsletter – August 18, 1999

August zips past the halfway mark and here’s the way it was for Jimbo this week…

The weekend went by without mishap. Nick’s back from his vacation so I’ll get to sleep in again starting tomorrow. It seems the boy did some cool stuff on his holidays that may bloom into something bigger and brighter for Aurenya, but I can’t talk about it too much at this premature stage.

Script writing continues and I hit my milestone this week. That means that the deadline of the 1st week of September is do-able. Feels good.

It’s going to be a broke month for me as a horde of books I’ve been waiting for get released. The newest Bone collection (Volume 6) is out, plus the new Blade of the Immortal trade paperback and finally, the much awaited Art of Tarzan book. Yikes, I’m a total book hog. My shelves at the office are filling up a little too fast with mighty reference material.

On top of that, Disney announced that they’re going to start releasing their animated movies on DVD starting in October. Looks like I should save up for a player before Christmas…

I really, really need to get through these next couple of days and get some rest. I’ve been wearing my contact lenses WAY too long and my body’s fighting back now with hideous bloodshot eye action and quite a bit of pain. So, now I’m wandering around without them on and blind as a bat. Crappy…and I’m sick of people telling me they’re red, I know, I know… I might have to break down and buy a new pair of glasses. Something sort of stylish, not those monsters I had growing up.

We went out last night as a Going-Away Party for Lisa and Sarah as they head off to Ontario at the end of this week. It was fun, but a little depressing. Kandrix is really good at keeping strong ties with our people though, so I’m hoping it all goes well. Thursday and Friday may be a little rough… but I’ll keep smiling and shake off the blues over the weekend.

So, dinner at Jack Astor’s really showed Aurenya’s true colors. We don’t get out much and the ice cube and french fry fighting was embarrassing but fun. I wonder if we’ll still be this way when the company grows even larger?

We saw The Sixth Sense last night and I went in with little to know expectations. Wow, I was impressed. It starts off slow, but builds up to a real satisfying movie experience worth checking out. This summer’s been pretty good for odd movies coming out of nowhere. The big releases, like Wild Wild West and Star Wars are crappy and the little movies like Iron Giant and The Sixth Sense are the ones to check out.

Not much else to say… looking forward to some relaxation tomorrow and some hard-core ZZZZZ’s.

I hope everybody’s summer is going well. Whenever I send out these letters to all of you, I remember why you’re all on this list and realize how lucky I am to have so many good people in my life. Cheesy, but true…

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