Zubby Newsletter – October 31, 2003

Actually doing something for Halloween this year. That may not sound like a big deal, but in many ways it is actually special. I haven’t dressed up in years for it, not since I was back at Aurenya and we had a bowling party. If I remember correctly I just rolled up my pants, slicked my hair, put tape on my glasses and went as a nerd. It wasn’t much of a costume (or a stretch from reality)…

I hadn’t planned on doing anything this year either. When Gal and I went out for dinner with one of the artists I’m working with, he invited me to a party that’s being hosted by Silver Snail, one of the biggest comic book stores in Toronto. That got the momentum going and Gala and I ran around like crazy trying to find costume stuff.

I didn’t want to do the pre-bought costume thing and renting just seemed out of control price-wise. Both Gala and I set out hitting the thrift stores, looking for ideas and pieces that we could build into something. Neither of us can sew, which limited our options. Well, we now know the location of almost every Value Village and costume shop in the greater Toronto area. Some of the things we thought would be easy to find ended up being a huge pain.

Still, my costume is pretty much done now. I was cutting felt and assembling bits last night and finishing it off this morning. It felt really neat to be working on the costume instead of just throwing things together at the last minute. Cutting up bits and figuring out how it would work, I felt like Mr. Dressup or something. I’ve always wanted to do more for Halloween, but never had the time or inkling. It’s been nice getting into that groove this time.

I got worried that the costume wouldn’t come together, but now that the pieces are there, I’m relieved. I can see ways to improve it, little pieces I could add to it and some sewing that would make it more durable, but for now it’ll work great.

Gala’s going as The Bride from Kill Bill. It was surprisingly difficult to find the yellow jumpsuit.

All this mystery…what the heck is Jim dressed up as for Halloween?

Riddle Me This, Batman…

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