Zubby Newsletter – October 15, 2003

I’ve appreciated the e-mails from people lately. It’s nice to know what people have been up to, even when they’re far away. Mind you, even people living in Toronto haven’t seen much of me as I’ve been wrestling this schedule under control and been trying to get a few major projects out the door.

Thanksgiving for Gala and I wasn’t the big cottage family get together we hoped for. Gal ended up having work shifts on Saturday and Sunday and I was swamped with work that needed to get done. With almost all of our clients in the US, Canadian Thanksgiving doesn’t change their work week, so Monday was pretty packed as well. Even still, Gal and I had a nice big meal with food that my Grandmother had given us and a few things we whipped up on our own. It would have been nice to head to the cottage, but we made the most of it anyways.

Gala’s been going berserk with essays and tests, so she’s been quite stressed lately. It seems like all her courses kick into high gear at the same time. It’s been hard with both of us so busy, but once that big stuff is handed in, it’ll be nice to relax and look at what’s been accomplished.

Our animation design project with Alliance/Atlantis is on hold, which I can’t really complain about. It was neat, but quite stressful and them taking a step back to clarify their concept has pulled one of the more ludicrous deadlines off of our crew’s back. It gives me more time to make sure everything else is running smoothly and might even give me a chance to catch a showing of Kill Bill this week.

I went for lunch yesterday with my boss and we had a great talk, getting caught up on all the stuff that could be coming down the pipe. It’s been weird because I haven’t spoken to him very much in the last few weeks. He trusts me to take care of the projects on my end, and doesn’t interfere with things, which is great. I let him know what’s going on obviously, but unless I have a question or need some help, he takes a hands-off approach.

I’ve been wanting to update my website for quite some time now, but haven’t had a chance. I can’t add any of the artwork I’ve been doing until it’s published, so until then I’ve just got to wait. Still, once the updates start it should be relatively constant as I can finally show off all this neat material.

I’ve got my fingers crossed on a cool opportunity that may come up in January. I can’t go into details yet, but thought I’d mark it here for my own record. Wish me luck, in a mysterious kinda way 🙂

This weekend is looking to be quite amusing. My parents are probably coming up to visit on Saturday. My Aunt Edith is gone on a business trip and my Uncle will be hanging around here. Gal’s bar is having another karaoke night, so I’m going to try to get my Uncle and my parents down there and make it a fun night out. Drinking with your relatives and singing may not sound like a wild night, but I think it’ll be quite a bit of fun. It’s not like my college drinking night outs or anything, but it’ll be fun nonetheless. Besides, I don’t know if my head and liver could handle the drinking I used to engage in. I want to get out and do some clubbling in downtown proper, and as I wrangle this mad Udon schedule into place, it’ll happen.

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