D&D Young Adventurer’s Guides FAQ

I received a ton of excited messages about the D&D Young Adventurer’s Guides announced yesterday from Ten Speed Press and Wizards of the Coast.

I’ll answer some of the most common questions I received about them here in this post…

Q: Are these Basic RPG rule books for young readers?

A: No. These books do not replace the D&D Player’s Handbook. They’re rules-free illustrated guides to the core concepts of D&D, built so the reader can discover the lore without being overwhelmed by the rules.

As experienced DMs/players, it’s easy to forget how intimidating tabletop RPGs can be for people who haven’t played before. These guides lay out the major concepts (class, race, equipment, creatures) in a way anyone can understand and encourages them to create their own stories. Readers can use the material in these books to brainstorm a character and imagine their role in an adventuring party. Get them excited about the possibilities, and then bring them to the gaming table to show them how those initial ideas can really flourish with a roll of the dice.

Q: Do these books just re-purpose content from the Player’s Handbook?

A: No. The writing and artwork are all new and they’re organized so readers can either absorb it from start to finish or skip around and focus on the material they think looks most interesting.

For example, the Monsters & Creatures book isn’t organized alphabetically. It starts thematically with underground creatures, moves to the surface (bodies of water, fields, graveyards, forests, mountains) and then soars into the sky to finish with airborne monsters.

Q: New artwork? How much new art are we talking about?

A: Almost every single illustration in the Young Adventurer’s Guides was made specifically for this series, so even if you have the D&D core rules you’ll get 60+ images per book you can use for inspiration or visual reference.

Q: I already own the D&D core books. Should I get these?

A: If you’re already an avid D&D player, they’re not necessary. There’s no new info here you don’t already have, but you might enjoy the new creature art and weapons/armor illustrations to help visualize aspects of D&D lore.

In addition, there are new “legendary” characters developed specifically for this series you might enjoy adding to your game. As we get closer to launch, I’ll reveal some of them and talk about their development.

Q: What’s the intended age for the Young Adventurer’s Guides?

A: They’re for middle-grade readers (ages 8-12) by design (book trim size, font size, etc.). Older readers can certainly get something out of them, but the core of it was built to inspire young players.

Q: What’s the release date?

A: Monsters & Creatures and Warriors & Weapons both launched on July 16th, 2019 and are available from your favorite book outlet. There are two more books in development. Dungeons & Tombs is available for pre-order now and arrives in stores November 26, 2019, with Wizards & Spells to come in 2020. If those four are popular enough there may be more in the future.

Q: Are there preview pages we can check out?

A: Yes!
Preview – Monsters & Creatures
Preview – Warriors & Weapons
Preview – Dungeons & Tombs

Q: Do Minsc and Boo make an appearance?

A: Absolutely! Minsc is our legendary Ranger example in the Warriors & Weapons guide and his particular brand of chaotic courage is a fun way to show new players the possibilities in D&D.

Here’s my interview with Dragon+ all about how these guides came to be and what’s inside:
Dragon+ #26: The Experience of Youth

I also spoke to Id the DM as length about the development and purpose of the D&D Young Adventurer’s Guides: Id the DM interview.

Here’s co-writer Stacy King talking about the Young Adventurer’s Guides at D&D Live in May 2019:

And here’s another video, this time from D&D Beyond, as Stacy and I both talk about the guides:

Q: How have the Guides been received so far?

A: The response to Monsters & Creatures and Warriors & Weapons has been quite incredible so far. CHECK HERE for a rundown of review articles and videos.

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