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Shadowman #11 Reviews!


My Halloween-themed Shadowman issue has arrived and the response has been great. Here’s what reviewers are saying about “Hallow Tides and Hollow Heads”…

Newsarama: 8/10 “This might not be the usual fare for this book, but it’s a great story and worth picking up.”

The Broken Infinite: 9/10 “Zub writes a good Shadowman but an even better Dr. Mirage. The story was good. The art was fantastic. I liked this issue and wish we were getting more from this creative team.”

Stash My Comics: 9/10 “While not quite as light-hearted as Skullkickers, there’s a bit of Zub’s humor in this issue, along with a great sense of storytelling and world building. He keeps the familiar tone from Jordan’s run on the title, but also puts some of his own touches on the character.”

Analog Addiction: 8.8/10 “If you are someone who finds they’re on the fence about picking up this book, do so and read this as it’s a standalone story that’s perfect for new readers.”

Comic Booked: 8/10 “…its juxtaposition of humor to the horror in that makes this such a enjoyable read. Shadowman#11 is just a fun comic. Treat yourself to it.”

Comic Hype: “…it’s a perfectly timed change of pace that makes Jack and Shadowman right at home in the spirit of the season”

Forces of Geek: “This is a great jumping on point for new and old Shadowman fans, Buffy-verse fans or pick this up to get the Halloween mask variant if you are that lazy about your costume this year!”

Exclusive Shadowman #11 Preview on Newsarama


Over on Newsarama they have an exclusive 5 page preview of the Halloween-themed Shadowman issue I wrote that’s arriving in early October.

Check out that spiffy cut-out mask variant cover, then click on through to see the preview pages.

I’m Writing the Shadowman Halloween Issue Coming in October!


Over on the New York Post’s Parallel Worlds blog they’ve announced that I’m writing Shadowman #11, a Halloween-themed one issue adventure with art by Miguel Sepulveda (Stormwatch, Red Lanterns).

I had a blast working on the H.A.R.D. Corps short story with Valiant that’s running in the July issues of their entire line and I’m excited to sink my teeth into Shadowman.

Click on the cover above to read more and see the Shadowman mask alternate cover!