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New Game, Who Dis – Marvel Super Heroes – Episode 1

The first episode (out of three) of old school Marvel Super Heroes live play on The Glass Cannon Network is now up on YouTube!

Random character creation and our introduction as Jason Bulmahn leads Troy Lavallee, Skid Maher, Alicia Marie, and I on super heroic adventure.

Check it out:

Vintage RPG Interview

I spoke to John and Stu at the Vintage RPG podcast all about Skullkickers, the D&D Young Adventurer’s Guides, Strangers Things and Dungeons & Dragons, and more! It’s always a blast talking to these guys about gaming goodness and I’m really happy with how the interview turned out. Give it a listen!

Jasper’s Game Week Live Session

I had a blast raising money for suicide prevention & awareness as part of Jasper’s Game Week and you can watch the whole session here.

Here was our cast:
Satine Phoenix – Dungeon Master
David Blue – Zoriel the Aasimar Paladin
Fenway Jones – Cellaa the Aarakocra Monk
Jason Charles Miller – Hortense the Tortle Druid
Jim Zub – Bethri the Human Bard