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DANGER DICE GANG Ep 9 – Always End Up Do

In this final episode of our first season, The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, the party heads down into the belly of the Sea Ghost. They meet another potential Ned, prepare to face off against the Dread Pirate Captain, and finally, Tuggra asks an unfortunate gentleman a question.

And with that, we’ve wrapped up our first season of The Danger Dice Gang! We will be taking a short hiatus while we edit and put together the second season, so please subscribe to our podcast and stay tuned for the return of Arlen, Keth, Oleg and Tuggra!

Thanks for listening, and as ever, keep on rolling!

DANGER DICE GANG Ep 8 – Rumble in the Barracks

Welcome back to the resolution of last episode’s cliffhanger! With the party split up, will Keth survive his tactical blunder? Will Arlen be able to survive a close quarters combat with a group of pirates? Will Tuggra be able to climb down a rope without falling? Will Oleg have time to make out with Will? Find out, dear listener, in this latest episode of The Danger Dice Gang!

DANGER DICE GANG Ep 7 – The Sea Ghost

Swashbuckling ahoy! Our intrepid party of adventurers embark on a stealth mission to capture a pirate ship operating off the coast of Saltmarsh. What could possibly go wrong?

DANGER DICE GANG Ep 6 – Makeover, Makeover!

In this double-sized episode, our Dungeon Master, Jim “Pelvis Cracker” Zub, takes our heroes on an adventure through a variety of NPC accents. The party hits level 2! Keth rolls extremely poorly! Oleg makes an amazing discovery! Arlen takes charge! Tuggra asks the age-old existential question, “are skeletons ghosts?”

DANGER DICE GANG Ep 5 – The Fog of War

In this episode, the Danger Dice Gang delve deep into the caverns underneath Lassiter Mansion, and our heroes start to come into their own: Keth ‘discovers’ himself for the first time; Oleg does interpretive dance; Tugra develops a new climbing technique; Arlen sets a whole lot of things on fire.


The Danger Dice Gang is back! The party descends into the very scary basement of Lassiter Mansion. They desecrate a corpse and become intimately familiar with Ned Shakeshaft.

DANGER DICE GANG Ep3 – Manticore Mansion

In this, the third episode of The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, the gang ventures ever deeper into the haunted mansion. They make a new friend. Keth gets bored.

DANGER DICE GANG Ep 2 – The Bravest Botanist

Here’s episode 2 of The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh! In this episode, our gang of intrepid adventurers begin to unravel the secrets of Lassiter Mansion. Also, they heroically investigate a pile of garbage.

Introducing the DANGER DICE GANG!

I’m happy to announce the arrival of THE DANGER DICE GANG RPG playcast with me and some pals!

I’m DMing this crew through some of my favorite 1st edition Dungeons & Dragons modules using 5th edition rules. First up is U1 – The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh!

Let me introduce you to our party of adventurers, going from left to right corresponding with the announcement art (illustrated by Kean!)…

Kean Soo (creator of Jellaby and March Grand Prix) is playing KETH, a young and headstrong Half-Orc Paladin.

Stacy King (writer/editor of UDON’s Manga Classics line) is playing ARLEN, a Human Wild Mage (with pyro tendencies) raised by dwarves.

Tory Woollcott (creator of Mirror Mind) is playing TUGRA, a Gnome Ranger (with violent tendencies) also raised by dwarves.

Andrew Wheeler (writer of Another Castle and co-writer of Freelance) is playing OLEG, a dashing Tiefling Rogue who studies plants.

It’s been a weird and wonderful ride digging back into old adventures, experiencing them with a fresh eye and new cast of players. We’ve never done anything like this before, so forgive the minor technical/audio hitches as we get up to speed.