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Conan the Barbarian: Thrice Marked For Death – Now In Stores!

CONAN THE BARBARIAN Vol.2: THRICE MARKED FOR DEATH is now available in bookstores and comic shops everywhere fine books are sold!

Conan the Barbarian (2023)
Vol. 2: Thrice Marked for Death

(issues #5-8)

Conan is approached by a Thieves Guild to act as muscle for a heist in Shadizar, the barbarian agrees, hoping some mindless wanton violence will drown his pain after the death of his beloved Belit. Despite the mission being a success, the gang inadvertently unleash a trio of vengeful, dark and deadly spirits who guarded the treasure.
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Amazon: “Are we absolutely sure there isn’t a secret story fragment they uncovered from Robert E. Howard that is fueling these comics? Because that’s how they feel”

Comic “Zub really finds a great rhythm here once he gets going. It’s paced much more efficiently than most of that first arc, with the heist element making things even faster as it goes along.”

Comical Opinions: “-a pitch-perfect example of a classic Conan adventure. Zub combines brutal action with supernatural evil for a rousing tale. Likewise, Braithwaite’s artistic style suits the Cimmerian and his exploits to a tee.”

Comicon: “Conan the Barbarian harkens back to the golden age of adventurers and captures the spirit of the Sword & Sorcery genre so completely that I feel transported back to the days of reading pulp books under the covers well past my bedtime.”

League of Comic Geeks: “I am consistently shocked by how much this series I never planned to pull or expected to love so much is one of the best indies I’ve been reading.”

Negromancer: “This second arc, Thrice Marked for Death, is downright murderous and is unremittingly dark. And I like it. I like that Conan is also vulnerable and lost in a kind of grief that is as unrelenting aggressive as he is.”

Pop Cult HQ: “Thrice Marked for Death checked every box for me as a comics reader. Lifelong fans of Conan the Barbarian will eat this story up, and newcomers will enjoy it, too. The writing, the art, and the colors were all fantastic.”

Pop Culture Philosophers: “The enthusiasm for Conan and his world and the meticulous nature in which it’s presented here absolutely rocks. This book has been so much fun. This book feels literary. This book feels exciting. This book feels like exactly what we need in comics right now!…Jump in if you haven’t already.”

Set The Tape: “[Zub’s] collaboration with artists Doug Braithwaite and Diego Rodriguez feels like a return to the golden age of Conan Comics, and it has to be hoped that Titan Comics realize what a phenomenal title they currently have on their hands.”

Stygian Dogs: “Overall, it’s a great reproduction of the illustrations and colors that were found in the original issues…Ultimately, this is a must-have collection of an outstanding series.”

Wakizashi’s Teahouse: “I couldn’t stop reading it! It was so, so good…This is one of the best series being published. It’s a huge recommend!”

Conan the Barbarian #12 Reviews

Comic Culture: “This was a great, great story…I’m super energized, I cannot wait to read more.”

Comical Opinions: 10/10 “a pristine, pitch-perfect end to another fantastic Conan adventure for Jim Zub and Titan Comics. Zub is channeling Robert E. Howard, with a clear reverence to the source material, and Robert De La Torre’s art is astounding.”

DC Patrol: “This is amazing, I love absolutely every single thing about this. I will be buying the trade.”

Deceptisean77: “I love the art, I love the action, and all the sword & sorcery sensibilities…It is an incredible book.”

Goodreads: “This is a moment they have been building toward this entire time, and finally culminates in a powerful conclusion. Jam-packed with vicious action and unrelenting fury, the recent episode of Conan’s journey is powerfully-written, beautifully organized, and unfolds like magic on the page.”

Grimdark Magazine: “With issue #12, Titan Comics’ Conan the Barbarian ends its first year on a high note…the artwork remains fantastic and the stories engaging.”

League of Comic Geeks: 10/10 “What a dream team working in perfect harmony. I want to tear the book apart and frame every page to put on my walls. Fantastic finish to the arc.”

Pop Culture Philosophers: “This is my favorite modern Conan run – period. I love what they’re building up to. I love how they’re widening the scale and scope of this world. I freakin’ love it!”

Professor Frenzy: “I think this was a great mesh between writer and artist with Zub and De La Torre. It has gorgeous artwork…All in all, I was very satisfied and pleased with this issue. It delivered a lot more than I expected…I thought this was a masterpiece.”

Sci-Fi Pulse: “We get some fantastic artwork from the team of artist Roberto De la Torre and colorist Diego Rodriguez…An excellent conclusion to what has been a brilliant story arc.”

Stygian Dogs: “What a year and what an issue!…The final product is thoroughly satisfying. All of it a thrill, ending with a palate-cleansing promise of future adventure.”

Thinking Critical: “The best new comic book we got this week…This thing ended on the highest of high notes. This is may be the best issue of Conan the Barbarian thus far…Conan has never been better. It represents the very best of the industry right now.”

Todd Luck: “I’m completely satisfied with this final battle. It’s incredibly bad ass…A perfectly solid, entertaining Conan comic that is worth picking up.”

Weird Science Comics: “The best book of the week. The art’s great and if you’re not reading it, you should just start from the beginning.”

Conan the Barbarian #11 Reviews

Comic Book University: “Absolutely fantastic…You have got to read this comic book…If you’re only getting one comic per month, this one is an easy contender.”

Comic Culture: “It’s a very primal book…One of the best, most consistent books out there right now.”

Comical Opinions: 9.5/10 “…a grim, gritty, epic entry in the series. Jim Zub packs in a plethora of twists and turns to tie the past and present together in a surprising way, and Robert De La Torre’s art is gorgeous.”

Goodreads: “I cannot delight more in this issue, nor its past and upcoming chapters. I hope I can speak for at least a fraction of the community when I say the work is recognized, the effort appreciated, and the scope of magic and wonder felt on every page.”

Grimdark Magazine: “Rob De La Torre’s artwork is a visual feast, as always. His John Buscema-inspired character artwork and dynamically staged combat scenes receive a great deal of justified praise, but his backgrounds are also worthy of attention. His oppressive monolithic architecture and craggy, menace-filled subterranean passages create a real sense of place for the events of the story.”

Hobbies of a Man: “Overall, this issue was great. I really had a fun time with it and I think it’s amazing…The fact that I can’t buy most of these double page spreads by Rob De La Torre as posters is a crime.”

League of Comic Geeks: 10/10 “Gotta be my favourite book on the shelves! I love everything about this run!!! Story, art & colour all on the same page! Just so flipping fun!”

Mandy’s a Geek: 9/10 “This is how Conan should be…This is one of the most consistently good comics on the stands. There’s never been a dip in quality, in fact the quality has gone up all the time and it’s a joy to read.”

Pop Culture Philosophers: “The story is really cool. Conan is back in time, he’s met Kull, they go to Atlantis, there’s a big twist at the end here…This book is beautiful, I frickin’ love it!”

Sci-Fi Pulse: 9.6/10 “Roberto De la Torre and Diego Rodriguez continue to do great work with the artwork for this book…a great issue with a shock twist that will keep fans on the edge of their seats ready for the next one.”

Sleepy Reader 666: “Jim Zub is doing a great job just making each issue fun and filling it with all the kinds of stuff that makes sword & sorcery fun.”

Stygian Dogs: “The success of this book is all in the team and the team remains so in the pocket. If this is what Heroic Signatures continues to offer us in its curation of Robert E. Howard’s characters in comic book form, I remain all in.”

Thinking Critical: “Book of the week…The finale of this comic book and the huge reveal on the last page had my jaw on the floor, it was absolutely phenomenal. Roberto De La Torre was made to illustrate this comic book character in this series.”

Todd Luck: “The artwork by Robert De La Torre continues to be very, very solid, very good stuff…This has been a very solid series so far.”

Conan: Battle of the Black Stone Prelude Reviews

The CONAN: BATTLE OF THE BLACK STONE prelude issue arrived on Free Comic Book Day (and is now available for FREE online right HERE), kicking off an event mini-series that will run this Fall. What did critics think of this teaser issue?

Bottalk: 9/10 “If you’re a fan of Jack London’s The Star Rover you’ll love this comic and it’s free! Go get it! Download it! It is spectacular.”

Comics For Sinners: “Titan Comics obviously wants to produce a consistently good comic book featuring great talents, and they make sure that this attitude carries over even to a freebie.”

Eternal Crusader: “It will be exciting to see how this Howardverse develops and how much it will be the focus of future Conan publications…The artwork is bold, flashy, and colorful.”

Gary B the Casual Comic Guy: “Just a fantastic start, certainly intriguing, and seeing all these characters being drawn in makes me anticipate the coming story.”

Grimdark Magazine: “The Jonas Scharf artwork in this issue appeals…Foreshadowing an exciting event, this issue is engaging for existing fans while simultaneously providing a gentle introduction to newcomers to Conan the Barbarian.”

Hobbies of a Man: “I really enjoyed how everything looked. I thought it was all cool…overall, very cool stuff, and I thought the WTF at the end there was really, really great.”

Is This Just Fantasy?: “It’s interesting how they’re going to unite them all in this same story. I’m looking forward to it and it should be interesting. I’m here for it.”

League of Comic Geeks: “Thoroughly enjoyed this, serves its purpose of both an introduction and kick off spot for new and existing readers alike. Exactly what a FCBD issue should be.”

Stygian Dogs: “Jonas Scharf’s art looks great. It’s something distinct from what Rob De La Torre and Doug Braithwaite have been giving us and Jao Canola’s seem bolder that we’ve seen in the ongoing monthly series.”

Tennessee Fats: “This was a wonderful tie together and a wonderful drop in the bucket to tell me what’s coming in the Howardverse.”

Todd Luck: “I think this is a really good comic to pick up if you are a Conan fan.”

Savage Sword of Conan #2 Reviews

Amazon: “This is horror-themed, raw, provocative, and painful–in a good way…Not to be too morbid, but this takes Conan to a place we haven’t seen him in a while and it’s done well.”

Comic Book Dispatch: 9.2/10 “Richard Pace’s primitive art is as rough and brutal as the Hyborian Age. Furious slashes and angry lines show Conan’s battles with animals and monstrous warriors.”

Comic Culture: “Clearly the best book of the week…Every single page is beautiful. I just love it. What a blessing this book has been.”

Comical Opinions: 8.8/10 “Jim Zub and Patch Zircher are at the top of their game, building upon Robert E. Howard’s legacy…Savage Sword of Conan #2 is a dream for Robert E. Howard fans with two stories showcasing Howard’s greatest characters by creators who love them.”

Eternal Crusader: 9/10 “Jim Zub has consistently delivered authentic tales featuring the Cimmerian and ‘Leaving the Garden’ is no exception, blending originality with homage to Robert E. Howard’s character…Heroic Signatures and Titan Comics have spared no effort in elevating the series to new heights.”

Grimdark Magazine: “Dark and sketchy, Pace’s artwork has an almost expressionistic feel that suits the grim mood of the narrative. The thick blacks and contorted facial expressions are especially effective in the early panels as Conan struggles his way to the surface.”

Hobbies of a Man: 9/10 “I think they did a great job improving on the concept from last time. I think they did a great job in printing.”

Michael K. Vaughan: “It’s just really, really good and it’s also terrifying because it tells a horror story, and a really good one.”

Pop Culture Philosophers: “What a great issue of Conan…A classic nice, bold and savage Conan tale…A lot of bang for your buck.”

Stygian Dogs: “This feels like the best Conan story in years. In Zub’s story of dark horror, vengeance and a stubborn Cimmerian’s instincts for survival, artist Richard Pace pursues an almost primitive approach in the way he depicts these primal moments and, as the story addresses the innocence of childhood, Pace’s technique remains effective.”

Todd Luck: “Jim Zub does something with a character that I haven’t really seen before or, at least, not done in this way and I think that makes this a unique and memorable story, especially the scene with the wolves…I think Conan is in very good hands.”

Wakizashi’s Teahouse: 9/10 “You can tell the people making this comic are enjoying themselves. That’s good to see. It comes across on the pages.”

Conan the Barbarian #10 Reviews

Our third story arc, The Age Unconquered continues! What did critics think? Let’s find out…

Amazon: “Rob De La Torre is back to lend his artistic mastery once again for several issues of the new CtB.”

Comic Book University: “There is no more consistently good comic out there…I don’t think anyone has carried the torch this well since Robert E. Howard.”

Comical Opinions: 9/10 “a comic with fantastic Bronze Age-styled art, grim, gritty barbarian action, and an authentic connection to Robert E. Howard’s storytelling style. If you want a Conan comic, this is as good as it’s going to get”

Deceptisean: “If you love sword & sorcery action adventure stuff, Conan is great, one of the best comics out there.”

Goodreads: “…the sense of Barbarism vs. Civilization that was so prevalent in Howard’s original work is definitely felt here. Read it for yourself and enjoy.”

League of Comic Geeks: “This book never disappoints. The art, the story and the variety of characters and mystery just continue to excite this reader month to month.”

Pop Culture Philosophers: “Jim Zub knows what old school Conan fans want, but he also knows how to craft a great modern comic that’s going to be pleasing to all fans today…Good classic Conan fun and I’m all here for it!”

Sci-Fi Pulse: 9.7/10 “Jim Zub continues to do a great job with these Conan books and remains true to the spirit of the characters and themes from the original stories by Robert E. Howard…A great story that is building to what will likely be a fantastic ending.”

Stygian Dogs: “With its rich narrative, excellent pacing and mature content, issue 10 of Conan the Barbarian does not disappoint. Roberto De La Torre and Jim Zub continue to soar the heights of Valusia’s majestic spires.”

Thinking Critical: “This is a great book. It’s really fun. It’s beautifully, beautifully illustrated…Roberto De La Torre is a superstar in the making.”

Todd Luck: “This is the exact type of brooding, metaphysical dream that I would expect in a Kull story. Very ominous stuff…It’s very, very good and it does nail Kull absolutely.”

Conan the Barbarian #9 Reviews

Our third story arc begins, The Age Unconquered! What did critics think of this bold new chapter that picks up after last issue’s wild cliffhanger?

Comic 8/10 “Zub knows what was so enjoyable about the Conan of the past and continues to find ways to tell new stories with the character.”

Comic Book University: “Beautiful book, incredible story. I love what Zub is doing…This one blew my mind.”

Comic Culture: “I love this issue…I’m glad we’re back to basics right now. Conan is a great read.”

Comical Opinions: 9.5/10 “-an enthralling tale of adventure, mystery, and intrigue…this issue is a must-read for fans of Conan and classic sword-and-sorcery tales.” 10/10 “It may be my favorite issue of the series so far. It burns with life. I love it, it slays, and I am content.”

Deciptisean77: “I really recommend this, it’s really great. Good art, good pacing, lots of callbacks to other characters.”

Gary B The Casual Comic Guy: “This issue really cemented for me why Titan Comics is a good home for Conan the Barbarian…This title is going great and I can’t wait to see where this is going to continue.”

Goodreads: “…we are still going strong with this series. Each character is well realized and I enjoy what’s on offer here in terms of storytelling, art and overall presentation. “

Grimdark Magazine: “…delivers the thrills, plunging Conan into a desperate new situation in a vibrant and exciting setting.”

Hobbies of a Man: “This was an awesome, awesome issue. It was phenomenal. I had a really fun time with this issue.”

League of Comic Geeks: “Zub’s writing is excellent and De La Torre on pencils just brings back all the nostalgia of the past with a story that keeps true to the Conan character.”

Pop Culture Philosophers: “Jim Zub and La Torre and company – they’ve been killing it in the pages of Conan the Barbarian. I loved this issue. Really excited to see how this develops.”

Sci-Fi Pulse: 9.8/10 “…a strong issue with some bloody brilliant plot developments and twists.”

Stygian Dogs: “Zub has given himself room to play in Howard’s sandbox and he has a demonstrated a knack for doing so in a way that pays meaningful and lyrical homage to Howard’s creations…another must read experience, one that heralds a triumphant close to the series’ first year.”

Thinking Critical: “This was my pick of the week…The linework, the colors, the lettering, everything is top notch and setting the bar as to how a comic book should be produced.”

Todd Luck: “I wish I’d recorded my reactions while reading the issue, because even knowing that this was the premise of this plotline, I was still geeking out while reading it.”

Two Guys and a Stack of Comics: “It’s really cool to see a book that has art and writing so good that it will appeal to non-fans, but if you’re a fan of Howard’s work it honors that as well…This is what comic books should be.”

Void City Reviews: “Much like the first arc, the writing and the art combine into something that elevates them both…The art is just incredible.”

Wakizashi’s Teahouse: 8/10 “De la Torre gives you those chills, those flashbacks, the nostalgia buzz…I haven’t read a bad issue yet so far.”

Conan the Barbarian #8 Reviews

Comical Opinions: 9.5/10 “If you’re a Conan fan, this is a must-read. The story is perfect, the character development is on point, you get your fix of classic Conan action and it all just…works.”

Hither Came Conan: “I am very satisfied with the way that this arc ended. It ends in quite the cliffhanger…I really enjoyed it. It was a great second arc. I am super pumped to get into the next arc.”

Is This Just Fantasy?: “Just great color work and it’s an enjoyable read. There’s a great balance of the flavor text by Jim Zub in the dialogue and the art telling the story and I think they’re just really well made comics.”

League of Comic Geeks: 10/10 “Hot damn! This book is everything I’ve ever wanted from a Conan book and it shows no signs of slowing! This book is perfect in my eyes.”

Multiversity: “As for the artwork? It’s as dark and gritty as it should be, but also wonderfully detailed and illustrated with care. Doug Braithwaite’s artwork is intense, emphasizing Conan’s hulking form and making every detail pop.”

Pop Culture Philosophers: “Another satisfying issue of Conan the Barbarian. The artwork by Doug Braithwaite is absolutely fantastic. I love the use of color here.”

Sci-Fi Pulse: 9.8/10 “The dialogue that narrates the action is brilliantly clear to the point where I can hear the narration in my head when I read the book…This comic is a great example of sequential storytelling where the art team and writer are in perfect sync.”

Set The Tape: 8/10 “Everything about these comics continues to impress. The phrase ‘passion project’ feels right for this series, as though everyone involved has a genuine love of the world of Conan. It’s a joy to see these comics grow and mature, weaving another glorious thread through an already rich tapestry.”

Stygian Dogs: “Here in the second arc, thanks to that ambitious and well laid foundation, and all to our benefit, Zub was able to let loose…we’ve been given a thrill ride of action…It’s brutally awesome.”

Tennessee Fats: “This is a story of sword & sorcery, but it’s also a story of emotional growth and really dealing with the emotional damage that Conan has to go through…Beautifully written and the art gelled wonderfully.”

Thinking Critical: “When we got to the ending of this book, I was shocked…It’s crazy. I did not see that happening.”

Titan Comics Corner: “…the art respects vintage comics while capturing the author’s energetic style…This journey crafted by the creative team is so engaging that readers will find it difficult to not be fully immersed.”

Wakizashi’s Teahouse: “It delivered a very strong conclusion to the second story arc with some atmospherically eye-catching art by Doug Braithwaite and gorgeous coloring by Diego Rodriguez. It’s a great time to be a Conan fan.”

Savage Sword of Conan #1 Reviews

Comics Beat: “…an excellent start to this new series and follows the proud tradition of Savage Sword’s of the past. I highly recommend checking this out, especially if you are a fan of the current Conan the Barbarian series.”

Comic “It’s just a very cool complete oversized package of a thing that feels really substantial compared to a lot of the monthly releases.”

Comic Book Dispatch: 9.8/10 “Patch Zircher’s art in Master Of The Hunt Part One has an elegant and historic appeal. While Solomon Kane wears the hat and cloak of a Puritan, the penciling evokes Prince Valiant.”

Comic Lounge: “This is a fantastic comic. I can’t recommend it enough.”

Comical Opinions: 8/10 “…a treasure trove of Conan content, from the main story to the bonus prose and pinups…Even if you’re not deeply familiar with the world of Robert E. Howard, the quality storytelling and diverse content in this issue make it worth checking out.”

Craig Zablo: 10/10 “Most folks know Zircher as an accomplished artist, but since he’s added writer to his resume the title needs to become accomplished writer/artist.”

Graphic Policy: 8.6/10 “It not only stands out from the Conan the Barbarian series but is an easy way to dive into these worlds. It opens up the opportunity for Titan to not only give other creators a shot at writing Conan, Kane, and more, but also try out other characters from Howard’s worlds and see what might work in their own comics.”

Grimdark Magazine: “If the level of quality and variety on display in issue #1 of The Savage Sword of Conan is maintained, the magazine has the potential to surpass even the flagship Conan the Barbarian comic.”

Hyborian Reviews: “If you’re a fan of Conan and Solomon Kane then you simply can’t miss out! This is overall a fantastic return for Savage Sword of Conan and I so dearly hope they can keep this up.”

Infinity Flux: “If you’re a Conan fan you’re definitely going to want this and if you’ve never dipped your foot in, this is a good entry…Really cool.”

League of Comic Geeks: 10/10 “There literally isn’t a better cost-to-content release this year so far, and it will be hard pressed to compete with this.”

Mass Movement: “I was more than a little nervous and keen to dive headlong into the pages of the revival of the magazine that I consider one of Marvel’s finest moments. I was not disappointed…The days of high adventure are here again, make sure you embrace them.”

Major Spoilers: 9/10 “I thought that this was really, really good…I think you’re really gonna want to drop your $7 and get your fix.”

Pop Culture Philosophers: “It is awesome. As far as values goes, it absolutely rocks and it’s on that newsprint so it gets the smell of the week.”

Pop Culture Maven: “If you’re a fan of Conan it’s well worth checking out…I like it and I like the nostalgia of it too.”

Pullbox: 10/10 “While the new title has all of what I thought was great about the old, I’ll add that this is going to be an outstanding jumping-on-point for new readers. No matter where you stand, don’t let anything stop you from picking up a copy”

Set The Tape: 10/10 “A fantastic title with a thrilling debut, it’s great to see there’s so much life in the old barbarian yet.”

Stygian Dogs: “In its physical form it’s wonderful. It feels right, all of it. The newsprint, the monochrome…You’re purchasing an experience here.

Superhero Hype: 10/10 “This is sure to be the start of something special, and you will curse the gods should you miss out on this one.”

Two-Headed Nerd: “This is just gorgeous from page 1 to the end…This is a beautiful book…Buy it!”

UBJ: 10/10 “For enthusiasts of fantasy, mature-themed comics, and high-octane narratives, snagging a copy of Savage Sword of Conan #1 is a must. Miss it, and you may find yourself in lamentation.”

Wakazashi’s Teahouse: 9.5/10 “I can honestly say it’s off to a blinding start. This issue is an absolute corker!”

Zero Sum 716: “Regardless of what you’re here for, you’re getting a lot for your money…I think they are off to a very good start here and I am honestly quite impressed with what they’ve done so far.”

Arriving in May – Conan The Barbarian #11

Story – Jim Zub
Line Art – Roberto De La Torre
Colors – Diego Rodriguez

MAR240475 – COVER A – Alex Horley
MAR240476 – COVER B – Richard Pace
MAR240477 – COVER C – Sean Galloway
In Shops: May 22, 2024


Conan has travelled far and seen much in his legendary journeys, but nothing he has experienced thus far can prepare him for a quest to lands beyond to answer dark riddles of the past.

Unexpected allies await, fierce enemies loom, and the strange power of the Black Stone stirs in THE AGE UNCONQUERED!