Zubby Newsletter – October 28, 2002

A relaxing weekend here for the most part. There was a crazy Halloween party on Saturday night, but I wasn’t feeling incredibly social, so I passed on it. There’s another one on Thursday that I might head to, I’ve just got to figure out what the heck I’m going to wear. The problem with being out of the Halloween loop so long is that it’s hard to come up with do-able costume ideas. That, and the little fact that I don’t know where to go to buy costume-type items for cheap in Halifax.

Work has gotten into a decent rhythm. I chug away at it and have been beating all the deadlines for the last month and a bit. It feels good to go in, be productive and be able to judge how much I can do in a day/week/whatever.

The studio is crossing their fingers that there’s more work on the horizon after we’re done work on our current show in February. If not, it’ll be quite the kick in the head. Moving across the country to do production work and then having it hiccup will play some major havoc with the financial plan Gal and I set up. I know I can make it work, it’ll just require some creative budgeting. I’m not fond of using EI or something like that between productions. I know that some of the guys here have done that in the past, but it doesn’t exactly fill me with joy.

I’ve been missing teaching quite a bit lately. Talking my face off about things I know about to an eager audience can be quite gratifying. The fact that they actually learn from it is even better. It’s something I’ve thought about doing again down the road. I think I just go through phases of remembering the good or the bad parts about teaching. I guess I’m in a “good” phase currently…

Actually, Gal and I have been talking about all sorts of things for the future. It’s almost impossible to predict what I’ll be doing or even where I’ll be in a few years. We’ve tried to narrow down the variables, but there’s just too many “ifs”. My job prospects aren’t the kind that lend themselves to stability and a gold watch at the end. It’s nerve wracking, but rarely dull. There’s so many creative paths and no set route. I’ve got to do some soul searching over the next 6-12 months and decide where I’m going to put my future eggs. I can’t really elaborate beyond that at this point. And no, I’m not talking about marriage…

Gal and I watched old video footage I shot from Humber and Sheridan. It was bizarre seeing myself and those situations again. Even in that footage, I’m way more nervous, unsure…scared and angsty. It was nostalgic and bizarre. Seeing people I haven’t talked to in ages, or other ones who I had falling outs with. Close friends, people I’ve dated and others who never seemed to grow up.

Most of all, why the hell didn’t some one tell me to get a real haircut and some contact lenses right at the start of college?! I look at me there and I’m thinking “Dammit, Zubkavich, fix your hair! You look awful! God, no wonder you couldn’t find a girl until the second year of Sheridan. Look at you!”

Admittedly, I’ll probably look at photos of me now and have the 20/20 hindsight to criticize myself at this moment too. I’m sure it all made sense to me at the time.

Christmas should be a good break, as always. It’ll give me time to clear my head. I’m really looking forward to seeing friends and family. Feel free to e-mail me your holiday schedule. Maybe we can hook up. Otherwise, there’s that little ‘Reply’ feature on your e-mail. Feel free to use it 🙂

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